"How To Use Viral Marketing To Blast and Expand Your Sales!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

Viral Marketing isrepparttar current buzzword phrase with regard to doing business online.

In a study released earlier this month by Forrester Research, http://www.forrester.com/,repparttar 134303 conclusion was reached that those of us wanting to engage in online marketing should focus particularly and more aggressively on viral marketing. What exactly is "Viral Marketing"?

Viral marketing isrepparttar 134304 Internet equivalent of "word-of-mouth advertising.

Have you ever visited a web site or received an email that impressed you so much that you immediately sent an email to your personal list of friends and family to share that info with them?

If you answered yes torepparttar 134305 above question then you have already been bitten byrepparttar 134306 viral marketing bug.

It does not matter whether it was online business related or not, viral marketing isrepparttar 134307 act of spreadingrepparttar 134308 online word or information about a given subject.

Many a non-business web site have received a million plus visitors due strictly to viral marketing. Those of us wanting to do business online can only dream of tapping into half that number of visitors.

How can you create a Viral Marketing effect for your online business?

There are several methods that have proven successful to create a viral marketing effect:

1. Give It Away For FREE.

The concept of FREE has fueledrepparttar 134309 imagination andrepparttar 134310 success ofrepparttar 134311 Internet itself. And, althoughrepparttar 134312 FREE business model has been greatly scaled back inrepparttar 134313 post-bust Internet days, it is difficult to argue withrepparttar 134314 viral marketing success achieved byrepparttar 134315 early pioneers of FREE email, FREE web sites, FREE auto-responders, etc.

"They Are Stealing Your Visitors With Smart Tags!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

Did you know that your web site is now covered with "Smart Tag" links that can whisk your hard earned visitors away to your competitors web site?

This isrepparttar same thing as stealing your visitors because you happen to make use of a keyword or phrase that is tagged by this new technology.

Microsoft originatedrepparttar 134302 "Smart Tags" in their Windows XP operating systems beta version.

They are a feature of Internet Explorer that "ADDS" smart links to pages everyone views. They enable real-time, dynamic recognition of content on Web pages and offer your visitors, "relevant options", as they surf.

In other words, they place links, on YOUR WEB SITE, to destinations other than your web page. Including, if they pay forrepparttar 134303 privilege, to your competition!

Smart tags, which are created using XML (Extensible Markup Language), look different from other links.

Microsoft "Smart Tags" are purple and white dash underlines on a word linking you to a menu of info about that word.

However, due to HUGE public pressure,repparttar 134304 Smart Tag feature will not exist inrepparttar 134305 final version of Internet Explorer 6, due out later this year.

Yet, it does remain a feature within Microsoft's Office XP,repparttar 134306 upgrade to Microsoft's suite of applications that launched May 31.

The feature gives Microsoft unfair advantage because they can use these products to redirect users to MSN owned web sites or to sites that have paid Microsoft a premium forrepparttar 134307 service.

Worse still,repparttar 134308 further use and development of this technology is being encouraged by Microsoft.

When this first came out, there was a solution that could prevent invasion of your site by addingrepparttar 134309 following tag to your code:

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