How To Use The Phone And Your Smiling Face To Turn Leads Into Sales

Written by Kahlia Hannah

Times have been a little lean for many businesses. You may need to generate cash fast.

Here are simple effective ways to multiply sales quickly with nothing more thanrepparttar telephone and your smiling face.

I'm not talking about canvassing from one neighborhood torepparttar 127444 next gettingrepparttar 127445 door slammed in your face. These techniques work best to get sales from:

* Customers who have bought from you recently. * Old customers who haven't purchased in a while. * Prospects who have shown an interest, but never bought. * People who have a good reason to buy from you, but haven't heard about you yet.

You can already see you are in pretty friendly territory. Seventy-five percent ofrepparttar 127446 people in this list are VERY likely to buy. So why not get in touch? Give themrepparttar 127447 opportunity to let you help them.

Start by making a list of customers and prospects you will contact. Unless you have a team of helpers, keep your list small enough to service overrepparttar 127448 course ofrepparttar 127449 next few weeks.

When working alone, I usually make my list no longer than 10 customers per week with a maximum of 50 to reach in five to six weeks. This is fairly lesurely. If you haverepparttar 127450 desire or needrepparttar 127451 money, you might go for 30 to 50 per week.

Start with a phone call. It can sound like this:

"Hello John! This is Melinda Smith at Smith Technology. We talked last month when our guy was out to fix your computer. How are you?.......John, if you have just a moment---This month we're offering a PC tune-up that increases your computer's speed and eliminates all those crashes."

If John is interested, you are off and running toward a sale. But what if John is a bit hesitant? Tell him you have several different things that can save him time, hassles, and money. Offer to stop by and show him in a face-to-face visit.

"John, this will only take a few minutes and it could save you a great deal of grief for months. Would Monday at 2 or Wednesday at 10 work for you?"

I like to give customers a choice of two appointment times. You are giving them a choice while using a firm hand to get a commitment.

What happens if you can't reachrepparttar 127452 customer? You will have this problem with half or more ofrepparttar 127453 people you call. Be sure to leave a message on their answering machine or voice mail.

10 Unstoppable Tactics For Ensuring Extra Sales!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. Publish testimonials for your free stuff. It would increase their value and if they're viral marketing tools, you'll have more people giving them away.

2. Give your visitors a good time so they will visit your web site again. Use a few jokes, humorous graphics and funny stories.

3. Make money from web sites that don't have an affiliate program, by doing a joint venture. Set uprepparttar affiliate program through a third party for them.

4. Build rapport with your potential customers by teaching them something new. Provide them with free ebooks, articles, tips, courses, etc.

5. Allow your visitors to collect things from your web site so they will stop back again and again. It could be a series of software, ebooks or articles.

6. Keep each page of your web site consistent or similar. Use similar text fonts, colors, graphics and background on every page.

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