How To Use Recommendations On Your Site To Promote Affiliate Programs

Written by Ken Hill

When done properly, writing your own personal recommendations will increase your commissions as well asrepparttar sign-ups you get when promoting two-tier affiliate programs.

To help you get started, I've suppliedrepparttar 102497 following tips that will make your recommendations work for you:

1. Establish trust between you and your visitors.

Gainingrepparttar 102498 trust of your visitors isrepparttar 102499 key to increasing your commissions by writing personal recommendations.

Your visitors must get to know you and feel that you have their best interests at heart.

2. Publish an ezine or write your own e-mail courses that you provide to your visitors.

Both of these marketing techniques will allow your visitors to get to know you while also showing your visitors that your opinion can be trusted -- that you know what you're talking about.

In addition, make your site a resource to your visitors. Supply lots of information to your visitors such as your own articles, ebooks, or tutorials that relate torepparttar 102500 affiliate programs you want to promote.

3. When posting your articles on your site, have a recommended further reading section after your articles that links to affiliate programs that offer products related to what you talk about in your articles.

4. Recommend only products that you personally use or have first hand knowledge that they work.

7 Secrets to Affiliate Success

Written by David McKenzie

Being successful with affiliate programs requiresrepparttar use of certain techniques. Yet it is surprising how few affiliates are using many of these methods.

Here are 7 secrets to boosting your affiliate commissions each month:

1. Use a variety of text links and personal recommendations. A personal recommendation of an affiliate product can increase your conversion ratios dramatically.

2. Use ezine ads to market your affiliate products. A well placed ezine ad in a popular ezine will bring many sales.

3. Develop an email course and sell your affiliate products via text links in each part ofrepparttar 102496 email course. You can easily set up an email course with autoresponders so that it gets delivered automatically.

4. Spend 75% of your time marketing your affiliate products. A real key to success with affiliate programs isrepparttar 102497 marketing andrepparttar 102498 more time you spend marketingrepparttar 102499 more sales commissions you make.

5. Write your own articles and submit them to article resource sites. You can put a link to one of your affiliate products inrepparttar 102500 resource box. This can be an incredibly successful method for increasing affiliate commissions.

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