How To Use RSS Feeds For Free Traffic

Written by Leah J Bradshaw

RSS (real simple syndication) isrepparttar new rage in communication. Why? Because people are beginning to seerepparttar 142253 traffic and communication potential of using RSS to boost their business. So how can RSS help boost traffic to your website?

There are two ways you can use RSS feeds to get traffic to your website:

1. The first way includes other peoples RSS feeds to update content on your website. Google loves fresh relevant content, so if you have someone elses content on your website automitically updating for you Google will return to your webpage more often to spider your site.

2. Syndicating your RSS feed on other peoples websites. This is a great strategy for getting incoming links to your website, if done correctly. For an RSS feed, and a link within a feed to be read it must be in html format. But ost feeds are syndicated in Javascript, which most search engines can't read, and consequently can't follow a link to your website.

For this technique to workrepparttar 142254 webmaster syndicating your RSS feed used to have to install a Parsing Software on their server. But recent technology has made it as simple as offering copy and paste code to those webmasters who want to syndicate your content. This is a great advantage forrepparttar 142255 webmaster and will undoubtedly get your feed syndicated on more websites.

7 Tips for using your FAQ page to Generate Free Traffic

Written by Leah J Bradshaw

FAQ pages are an often overlooked way to generate free traffic to your website. Many people don't realizerepparttar potential they have. Here are seven tips for using your FAQ page for traffic.

1. Put each question, and answer to that question on a seperate keyword rich page. By doing this you are developing content for your website that is on topic, search engine friendly, and easy forrepparttar 142252 visitor to find, both from your website and inrepparttar 142253 search engines.

2. Research keywords people are using to find information onrepparttar 142254 topic of your website, these arerepparttar 142255 FAQ's you should be answering as well asrepparttar 142256 questions asked by your customers. Many times it is easier to rank well inrepparttar 142257 search engines for these terms. Answer common questions onrepparttar 142258 topic of your website, not just questions about your product.

3. When doing your keyword research use phrases like "how to", "learn", and other phrases a person might use when looking for information on a specific topic.

4. Putrepparttar 142259 chosen keyword people are using to search for your topic inrepparttar 142260 title ofrepparttar 142261 page, and naturally withinrepparttar 142262 body ofrepparttar 142263 page. Makerepparttar 142264 page simple with little or no graphics and a link back to bothrepparttar 142265 index of your FAQ and your home page.

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