How To Use PR To Build Your Business

Written by Lisa Packer

Everyone knowsrepparttar value of free publicity. And givenrepparttar 149189 opportunity, most businesses would jump atrepparttar 149190 chance to have a news article written about them, or to be covered by TV and radio stations.

Butrepparttar 149191 chances of those stories coming to you on their own are very slim. Thatís why smart businesses go out of their way to create news, and bring free publicity to them. And it takes a lot more than just your run-of-the-mill press release.

In fact, blanketing every available news organization with generic releases will do you more harm than good. Do it too often, and your releases will start hittingrepparttar 149192 round file before they are even read.

Just like every other aspect of your marketing, publicity campaigns need to be targeted to be effective. Because even if you do manage to score a write up in your local paper, it wonít help you much if your target customer isnít a subscriber. Find out what papers and magazines your prospect does read, what newscasts he listens to or watches, and target those.

Once you have your targets chosen, make sure you have something that will be of interest to them. Remember, youíre not writing an ad for your business. Youíre trying to convince a reporter that you have a story she will want to cover. To do that, you need to knowrepparttar 149193 outlet youíre sending your release to, and what kinds of stories they consider news.

Paint Pictures That Entice Your Prospect

Written by Lisa Packer

You are excited about your product or service. Otherwise, you wouldn't be offering it torepparttar world.

But your prospect isn't so excited -- yet. He has to be given a reason to be, and most often your product alone isn't enough.

He wants to know what's in it for him. What will your product or service do in his life? The best marketing communications paint a vivid picture for him, letting him see himself enjoyingrepparttar 149188 big benefit you have to offer.

Show him a warm, sunny day when he's playing catch inrepparttar 149189 back yard with his five-year-old. His son is making memories, andrepparttar 149190 snobby neighbor next door looks over in envy at his gorgeous lawn. All because he used your grass seed.

Show him moving intorepparttar 149191 big, corner office. He looks out his window to admire his shiny new sports car. His former rival comes in to grudgingly congratulate him on his new promotion. But he had an unfair advantage getting here -- your software program.

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