How To Use Hedges In Landscaping

Written by Paul Curran

A hedge that is well kept and attractive can do much for your grounds. Used inrepparttar front ofrepparttar 113349 house and onrepparttar 113350 sides of your lot, hedges are a barrier against traffic, noise and all things unsightly; atrepparttar 113351 same time they enhancerepparttar 113352 proportions and general appearance of your house and lawns. And withinrepparttar 113353 boundaries of your property, hedges define paths and walks, demarcate various areas, and help to screen service areas and vegetable gardens.

The plant materials generally used for hedges are mentioned elsewhere in this book. They includerepparttar 113354 tall background hedges of holly, thorn or wattle;repparttar 113355 informal flowering hedges of rose, bridal wreath spirea or barberry; Such evergreens as mugho pine, globe arbor vitae, box or eunonymus (most of which are used as low edgings) andrepparttar 113356 colorful fruit and-nut hedges of thorn apple, hazlenut, cherry, beach plum, cranberry and quince.

And, of course, there arerepparttar 113357 formal clipped hedges. Of these, repparttar 113358 Amur privet is by farrepparttar 113359 most widely used. In fact,repparttar 113360 privet is used so universally that it is original to choose any ofrepparttar 113361 above for hedging.

How to Plant Hedges

How To Plant Rose Bushes In Landscaping Your Garden

Written by Paul Curran

For planting roses a good garden loam with organic matter is important. It must contain peat moss, leaf mold, compost, rotted or commercial manure, andrepparttar bed should be prepared as far ahead of planting as is feasible in order to allow for settling ofrepparttar 113348 soil.

Fall isrepparttar 113349 best time for setting out roses, but you can plant in spring. When they arrive fromrepparttar 113350 nursery, plant at once. If they have dried en route, soakrepparttar 113351 roots and put repparttar 113352 tops in a bucket of water before planting. Trim back any roots that are weak, long or broken at this time. Dig a hole that is wide enough to allowrepparttar 113353 roots to spread without crowding.

The rose is properly placed whenrepparttar 113354 bud (the point where repparttar 113355 top joinsrepparttar 113356 roots) is just underrepparttar 113357 ground surface. Space hybrid teas about 18 inches apart in any direction. Prunerepparttar 113358 branches 6 to 10 inches fromrepparttar 113359 soil.

To grow good roses it is necessary to cultivate, to prune and to spray. If you have a well-cultivated bed you need not worry about watering. But if you start to water in hot weather, you must keep it up, soakingrepparttar 113360 roots thoroughly about once a week.

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