How To Use Exercise For Golf To Strengthen Your Swing

Written by Mike Pedersen

Using exercise for golf to strengthen your swing could be one ofrepparttar wisest decisions you’ve ever make in regards to improving power and distance.

Have you tried those gimmicky training aids in hopes to strengthen your swing? If so, were you successful? I can take a guess, but I won’t get on you too much.

Most ofrepparttar 148030 touring pros are now using exercise for golf to strengthen their swing and have seen their driving distance go way up. And yes…their equipment has a little bit to do with it, but can’t take allrepparttar 148031 credit.

I have said thousands of times, “it’s your BODY that playsrepparttar 148032 game, not your equipment”. Doesn’t that make sense to you?

Like any athlete…he or she spends a huge amount of time strengthening their muscles specific to their sport.

Why wouldn’t you as a golfer dorepparttar 148033 same thing?

Hopefully after reading this article you’ll give it strong consideration.

Using exercise for golf to strengthen your swing entailsrepparttar 148034 use of a stability ball, exercise tubing, handweights and even a weighted medicine ball. These are all inexpensive golf training tools that can have a dramatic affect on your game.

What Baseball Could Learn From a Former Skinny Kid!

Written by Anthony Ellis

The baseball season is here andrepparttar game’s greatest players are inrepparttar 147894 news. They have hitrepparttar 147895 headlines not for their prowess onrepparttar 147896 field, but for alleged steroid abuse inrepparttar 147897 locker room. Baseball’s greatest stars could have taken a body building lesson from a former out-of-shape 135 pound weakling.

Today’s kids are learning a tough lesson. They are watching baseball heroes suffer through some ofrepparttar 147898 effects of steroid abuse. Those huge, powerful muscles Jose Canseco and other baseball greats developed to playrepparttar 147899 game are coming at a terrific price. That price includes public humiliation, loss of prestige and reputation, and probable financial loss.

What these kids are not seeing isrepparttar 147900 future health problems these baseball legends will almost certainly experience because of steroid abuse. These can include heart disease; several forms of cancers, impaired immune systems and other problems that will likely have devastating medical effects.

The problem is that many of these kids are themselves being pressured to “be better” atrepparttar 147901 games – baseball, track, soccer or other sports – they play. This is to say nothing of those kids who are simply too skinny and underweight to be good at sports or picked forrepparttar 147902 teams.

Anthony Ellis, a fitness consultant, was one of these skinny kids. He spent a lifetime trying to gain weight. He couldn’t stand to look at himself inrepparttar 147903 mirror. He tried to hide his thin physique with baggy clothes. He wouldn’t think of going torepparttar 147904 beach and letting his friends see how skinny he really was. He was repeatedly rejected for sports teams because he was underweight and likely to be hurt. Baseball was out ofrepparttar 147905 question.

“The news these days, it seems, is filled with stories about obesity and how people are overweight. I am trying to help people gain weight. Whatrepparttar 147906 media doesn’t talk about is that segment ofrepparttar 147907 population, people like me, who have trouble gaining weight. This isrepparttar 147908 group that suffers frustration and low self-esteem because they are underweight. They readrepparttar 147909 body building magazines and watch sports heroes pack on muscle. They turn to fad diets, unregulated diet supplements and steroids to gain weight.”

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