How To Use Autoresponders With Affiliate Programs and Pop Up Windows

Written by Matthew May

It has been proven that most prospects much hear a message as many as 7 times before purchasing.

Multiple follow up autoresponder systems allow you to place an opt in form on your website which captures your prospect's name and email address and then sends them up to ten personalized follow up messages about your business.

A very effective way to capturerepparttar prospects name and email address is through a pop up window which opens whenever someone leaves your first page.

If you were selling a credit repair system for example your form could say "Place your name and email address here to get 10 free tips by email on how to restore your credit."

The problem arises when you are promoting an affiliate program and you are not allowed to modify their self replicated webpages.

What we do is to make a copy ofrepparttar 102604 first page ofrepparttar 102605 self replicated site and place it on our servers or on a free web host with our modifications.

Allrepparttar 102606 links still go to our affiliate site so we get still get credit for any sales andrepparttar 102607 new page has our pop up autoresponder form on it.

Here is how you do this:

1. Open your browser and go torepparttar 102608 first page of your affiliate website.

2. Right click onrepparttar 102609 page. (Not on a Picture)

3. Left click on "view source."

4. Left click on "file."

5. Left click on "save as."

6. Under "file name" type index.html

7. Under "save in" clickrepparttar 102610 little arrow torepparttar 102611 right and choose "C ."

8. Click save.

9. Go to start.

10. Go to Run.

11. Go to Browse.

12. Go to C Drive (Under Look In)

13. Under "files of type" click "all files."

14. Look for index.html

15. Right click onrepparttar 102612 index.html

16. Click "view source"

17. Install this java script afterrepparttar 102613 tag in your html code. This java script is courtesy of

Affiliate Program Checklist

Written by Paul Siegel

Affiliate and other cooperative programs are announced almost daily. Website owners are flocking to these programs. Enthusiasm is high. But.........why not compare and evaluate first?

The following checklist was prepared fromrepparttar point of view of one seeking a program to affiliatae with. But it can also help a program initiator compare current programs in order to make his better.

A. Doesrepparttar 102603 Program Offer a Strategic Fit to Your Business?

1. PROGRAM PURPOSE - Define in broad terms 2. COMPLEMENTS YOUR PURPOSE - Does it help you better realize your website long-range goals? 3. VISITOR LEARNING - Are your visitors interested and will repparttar 102604 program help them learn?

B. Do You Trustrepparttar 102605 Business Initiatingrepparttar 102606 Program?

4. SUCCESS - Doesrepparttar 102607 business have a history of successes? 5. BELIEVABLE ADVERTISING - Does it promise impossible rewards: get-rich-quick and MLM schemes? Or is it honest and realistic? 6. REPUTATION - What doesrepparttar 102608 business literature tell you about their past operations? 7. WHAT CLIENTS SAY - Contact current clients and ask for their opinions. Would they recommend this business organization? Are they benefiting from it? C. Isrepparttar 102609 Program Well Designed?

8. AFFILIATE QUALIFICATIONS - Are they signing up everyone? Or are they being picky? Picky is better. 9. AFFILIATE RESPONSIBILITIES - Better, too, if there are specific responsibilities. Are affiliates asked to do promotion, communication with customers, sales? 10. INITIATOR RESPONSIBILITIES - Doesrepparttar 102610 outfit offer help in promotion, sales and after-sales support? 11. PAYMENT & TERMS - Is there a fee or commission structure? How frequently are payments made? Does affiliate get credit for future sales? 12. TRANSACTION TRANSPARENCY - How frequently are transaction reports made? Are transactions independently checkable byrepparttar 102611 affiliate? Is there a third-party audit? 13. CONFLICT RESOLUTION - Is there a SIMPLE method for resolving conflicts? 14. RETURN TO SITE - Is there a simple way for a website visitor to return torepparttar 102612 site ofrepparttar 102613 affiliate after a transaction is executed?

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