How To Uncover Profit-Pulling Keywords for Your Pay Per Click Campaign

Written by Kathryn O'Neill

Choosing to bid onrepparttar right keywords can be key to your pay per click success. By choosingrepparttar 105827 proper keywords - words that your potential customers would use to search for your product - you can pre-qualify web traffic and skyrocket your conversion rate.

But how do you chooserepparttar 105828 right keywords? Here are 3 powerful tips to uncovering profit-pulling keywords for your pay per click campaign.

#1) Choose Relevant Keywords

While this SEEMS obvious, you'd be surprised at how many ppc campaigns bid on unrelated keywords (Their logic might have a foundation but we just can't see it from a searcher's point of view).

So for example if you're selling an e-book on how to make money buying foreclosures, don't bid on keywords related to stock trading. Yes, these both have 'money' in common but that is a WIDE net to cast - and a huge waste of your money.

Even when you bid on a keyword - make surerepparttar 105829 description not only fitsrepparttar 105830 keyword but matches whatrepparttar 105831 searcher will find when they click on your ad. Nothing ticks internet searchers off more than misleading ads.

You'll not only NOT makerepparttar 105832 sale - but you'll be making a non-customer for life, even IF they would have eventually bought your product.

#2) Choose Lots of Low-Cost Keywords

Unless you're Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, chances are you can't afford to spend $5.00 onrepparttar 105833 keyword 'diet'. That's ok, you don't have to.

Think niche with your keywords and you'll find lots of low-cost related keywords - sometimes with absolutely no competition.

Competing with the Big Names

Written by Derek Croote

If you have ever been in an industry with long established, big name companies then you know it is hard to beat them inrepparttar search engine rankings. So you go to their pages to see how they are ranking so high, but they are not usingrepparttar 105826 techniques you were told to use. Furthermore, they only haverepparttar 105827 word you searched for displayed once in their body text, not in their title tag, heading or meta tags. This can't be right! However, it is. The only possible way to compete withrepparttar 105828 big names is with links, frequently updated content and name recognition.

The long established sites have received so many links overrepparttar 105829 years they don't have to plaster their pages with certain keywords for high rankings.

Links can be hard to come by, especially if your site is new. There are countless ways to get them, but here are a few that will get you high quality links: * Writing articles * Reciprocal linking to relevant sites * Participating in forums * Frequently updating content * Creating free tools * Submitting to directories * Buying text links

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