How To Turn Your Favorite Photos Into Desktop Wallpaper

Written by Donna D. Fontenot

Since digital cameras have become popular, more and more people are learning how to upload photos to their computer. Many of these photos are cherished memories such as pictures of our children, grandchildren, pets, or vacation shots. Most of us want to be able to display our favorite pictures asrepparttar background wallpaper on our computer screens, but not everyone is aware of how easy it is to accomplish this. The following instructions will show you how to turn your favorite photos into desktop wallpaper.

For Windows Users:

Windows XP: Right click onrepparttar 141224 photo name or icon. Click onrepparttar 141225 option that says, "Set as desktop background". That's all there is to it!

Windows 98, 95 or NT: Right click onrepparttar 141226 photo name or icon. Click onrepparttar 141227 option that says, "Set as Background". That's all there is to it!

For Mac Users:

If you've got System 8.5 or higher: Go torepparttar 141228 Apple menu and selectrepparttar 141229 Appearance Control Panel. Click onrepparttar 141230 Desktop tab. If you already have wallpaper on your desktop, click onrepparttar 141231 Remove Picture button to remove your old wallpaper. Now userepparttar 141232 Select Picture button to selectrepparttar 141233 image you want to use. Then, pressrepparttar 141234 Set Desktop button and closerepparttar 141235 window.

Discovery of Windows XP firewall covert abilities.

Written by Serge Grabo

XP Firewall Control overbuilds Window XP firewall. SphinxSoftware has startedrepparttar development of a new consumer product line for personal network security. The first product ofrepparttar 140815 line - XP Firewall control – has been released. Basing onrepparttar 140816 firewall included into Windows XP Service Pack 2, XP Firewall control expands area of application ofrepparttar 140817 firewall and offers new approaches to application security. Every application being behindrepparttar 140818 firewall has its own object and unique behavior. Therefore, there is no a universal approach to determine beforehand which type of network access will be safe for an application. Asrepparttar 140819 result,repparttar 140820 application network access requires individual adjustments. The purpose ofrepparttar 140821 adjustment is to define a proper “security zone” forrepparttar 140822 application. XP Firewall Control allows composing, storing and usingrepparttar 140823 security zones for a single application and for application group. Using allrepparttar 140824 present abilities of Windows XP firewall, XP Firewall Control extends them with application level security model, introduces per-application named security zones and allows security zone manipulation at friendly consumer level.

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