How To Turn More Web Site Visitors Into Customers Who BUY

Written by Lisa Lake

These days I receive a lot of email from web site owners who say "I get plenty of visitors to my site, but hardly anybody buys."

Sometimes it is downright embarrassing. These folks are getting WAY more traffic to their site than I get to mine. I'm tempted to write back and say hey, I'll fix your conversion problem if you will show me how to get all that traffic.

Low conversion rates (the number of visitors who become paying customers) are a common situation caused by a few simple problems. Fixrepparttar problems and you can expect your conversion rate to jump. There aren't many instant fixes in life, but better conversion can immediately help payrepparttar 109059 bills and put more money in your pocket.

1. Start off by putting your most popular products or services onrepparttar 109060 front page. Don't make people hunt and peck through your site to findrepparttar 109061 good stuff. Let them know right fromrepparttar 109062 start you've got something that will make them drool.

Take a look at Meredith Pond's She promises you good, low-cost business writing, then clobbers you with a ridiculously big promotion package you can buy for pennies onrepparttar 109063 dollar.

Even if you don't go to Meredith's site to buy marketing packages, she gets your attention. You immediately understand she knows your situation and has good offers for you. That's enough to keep most people looking through her site.

2. Can you put up a delicious photo of your product? How about a picture of you or your staff providing a service? We humans are very visual beings (that's why we see color and dogs don't.)

Giverepparttar 109064 average shopper nice photos of what she is looking for and you can expect a sale. I always come away hungry when I seerepparttar 109065 pictures of chocolate at Nancy Davis'

3. Nancy's site brings us to conversion strategy number three...put YOUR photo on your site. Most people don't buy because they don't quite feel comfortable, they don't quite trust you yet. It's a natural reaction torepparttar 109066 Web filled with so many sites and no way to sit down and talk withrepparttar 109067 owners.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Solved!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

Imagine yourself atrepparttar local Sears carrying a shopping basket downrepparttar 109058 isles looking forrepparttar 109059 perfect gift for your spouse when you come to a great looking watch inrepparttar 109060 jewelry department. You know she'll loverepparttar 109061 design, but also know she has a curious allergy to white gold and call over a salesperson to ask them whatrepparttar 109062 bevel surround is made of. She reassures you that it's made of platinum so you cheerfully purchaserepparttar 109063 watch, smiling as you wander over to have it gift-wrapped.

Takerepparttar 109064 same scenario online and imagine you haverepparttar 109065 same simple question to ask someone. Now what? You most likely just abandonrepparttar 109066 shopping cart and leaverepparttar 109067 store because you can't imagine spending that amount of money without knowing whether your sweetie will break out in hives becauserepparttar 109068 white gold allergy affects her wrists so badly.

Abandonment of shopping carts online is blamed on everything from fear of using credit cards onrepparttar 109069 web to privacy concerns.

My theory is as follows: If you have any questions about any product or service you are purchasing online, ecommerce sites expect you to either look uprepparttar 109070 answer in their FAQ's (frequently asked questions page) or just search out their 800 number fromrepparttar 109071 site somewhere and call them yourself to find out. This can be a ridiculous process on some sites as they simply don't want to be bothered with expensive phone calls and leave their number off ofrepparttar 109072 shopping cart pages.

They don't want to devote customer service reps to those fickle shoppers that abandon online shopping carts at rates as high as 90% at some ecommerce sites. I'd propose that most online shoppers abandon those carts because they need to know something that could never be considered for those FAQ pages likerepparttar 109073 term ofrepparttar 109074 product guarantees or how longrepparttar 109075 battery life is. If there were a simple way to have your questions answered, I'd like to suggest that those shopping carts would rarely ever be abandoned.

I've foundrepparttar 109076 solution and can't believerepparttar 109077 brilliance ofrepparttar 109078 idea behindrepparttar 109079 answer to this thorny question. Customer clicks a button labled "CallButton" and gets a pop-up screen asking for their name and phone number so a representative can call them at their convenience to answer any questions and/or concerns!

They fill int their name and phone number and receive a polite response page custom designed to reassure them that they will be contacted how and when they would like to be by a person that can actually answer their question! No nasty telephone trees or automated callbacks, but a person fromrepparttar 109080 jewelry department that knows platinum from white gold.

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