How To Track All Your Website Traffic For Free

Written by Louis Allport

Do you know:

* Exactly how many people are visiting your website? * How long they’re staying on your site before they move on? * Exactly where those visitors are coming from, each day? * How much of your website traffic is repeat visitors? * The exact paths people take as they click their way through your website?

Here’s what I’m getting at:

If you don’t know your visitors, it makes it *very* difficult for you to improverepparttar performance of your website and turn more visitors into customers - AND - get more quality traffic. Forrepparttar 149500 simple reason that you’re effectively working blind.

Without knowing how people visit your site and what they do on your site, any attempts at growing your traffic and improvingrepparttar 149501 profitability of your website is working with one armed tied behind your back, at least.

And unfortunately -repparttar 149502 web stats that come with your web-hosting are generally not enough these days.

Depending on your web host, chances are you’ve either got Webalizer, Analog Stats, or AWStats installed on your server. Here’s how that software works:

It takesrepparttar 149503 “raw” (unreadable torepparttar 149504 human eye) information your web server stores of everyone that visits and presents this in an easy to understand way.

Unfortunately, due to a number of technical reasons, this information is often presented in quite an inaccurate way.

And in my personal experience, these software packages don’t present this information in a particularly helpful way either for someone trying to improverepparttar 149505 conversion ratios and profitability of their website.

What I personally do, and what I would suggest you do is use a “Tracking Solution” that accurately tracks and reports all your visitors in an easy to read and understand way. These solutions come in two forms: Software & Services

Both these options have their pros and cons, but what they both do very well is present exactly what’s happening on your website right up torepparttar 149506 minute, and in a way that’s very helpful to you for making good (and profitable) decisions for your business.

To start with here’s a software solution you can install and use for free on your website:

Now before you go and install it, you should of course be familiar with installing software on your server. If you’re not comfortable installing software on your website, a tracking service (which I’ll come to in a moment) would probably be best for you.

And it’s also important to note that installing software on your website can often put more strain onrepparttar 149507 server. This is particularly true if you’re on shared hosting.

I’ve personally usedrepparttar 149508 following free tracking software and it works well. See what you think. Go to and look for “TrackPro”. As I write this, version 2 is in Beta and is downloadable fromrepparttar 149509 site atrepparttar 149510 following address:

Put Your Company Logo on Cotton!

Written by Kelli Fassbender

An effective way to gain company recognition is to order custom t-shirts with your company name, logo, phone number, and other important information on them. You can use customized apparel to outfit your employees as well as to contribute a sense of professionalism and reliability to your company. In addition to outfitting your company withrepparttar custom apparel, you can market your brand by distributingrepparttar 149367 custom designed clothing to your customers and potential clients.

Ordering custom t-shirts is easy: you can contact a local printer to make them, or you can design and order them online. There are several websites that have t-shirt design interfaces in which you can design and order your t-shirts entirely online. Whatever type of company you choose, however, you will want to make sure thatrepparttar 149368 process they use is screen-printing rather than heat transferring becauserepparttar 149369 prints will last longer and look more professional.

Because printing prices can vary drastically, you should get quotes from several different companies before ordering. The benefits of ordering online include convenience, not having to pay taxes onrepparttar 149370 goods, and in some cases, complimentary shipping. The benefits of using a local screenprinter include being able to seerepparttar 149371 goods before you purchase them, and perhaps, speaking directly withrepparttar 149372 artist. A downside to ordering locally includes having to go torepparttar 149373 local screenprinter to place your order and then pickingrepparttar 149374 items up yourself. If you order online, however, you will haverepparttar 149375 items shipped directly to you. An online screenprinter that we find very reputable for printing company apparel is Checkrepparttar 149376 yellow pages for local printers.

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