"How To Test Your Ads In Ezines Before You Spend A Dime..."

Written by Jason Mann

Would you like to know before you spend money thatrepparttar ad your going to place in an ezine is worth it or not?

I think we all would. You are going to learn how to effectively test 50-60 ezines and see which produce results for you, before you spend money on any ad space.

I use this myself everyday to test locations in ezines to place ads and findrepparttar 100996 ones that generaterepparttar 100997 best responses andrepparttar 100998 ones that are flat.

There are hundreds of ezines onrepparttar 100999 Internet that allow free ads to be placed in them. You may have already tried them, however,repparttar 101000 twist on using them is this.

Find 20-30-50 of them and place an ad in them. Then use a different URL or email address to trackrepparttar 101001 ads responses. You can add a "?" torepparttar 101002 end ofrepparttar 101003 URL and track it's hits. The address would like this: http://www.yourdomain.com/?ezine

"Explode Your Sales With Banner Ads!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

Contrary to rumors ofrepparttar death of Banner Ads, repparttar 100995 banner ad remains one ofrepparttar 100996 three most popular forms of advertising onrepparttar 100997 Internet.

Actually, banner ads ARErepparttar 100998 best form of online ads!

Internet advertising expenditures declined overall in 2001, yet this decline was felt in all advertising sectors ofrepparttar 100999 economy andrepparttar 101000 online decline was actually less that that found in other advertising sectors. According torepparttar 101001 Internet Advertising Bureau's (IAB), http://www.iab.net/repparttar 101002 online Ad Formats break down as follows:

"Percentage use of various ad formats remained fairly consistent in 2001. Formats tracked and their respective share of 2000 and 2001 full year revenue are: "

2000 2001 Banners 48% 36% Sponsorships 28% 26% Classifieds 7% 16%

Ad revenues for 2002 are expected to surpass these figures withrepparttar 101003 majority ofrepparttar 101004 ad revenues being funneled into Banner Ad campaigns.

In a report compiled and released by Engage, Inc. http://www.engage.com/, they announced that their:

"Study Reveals That Viewing of Online Ads Alone, Regardless of Click-Through, Leads To Sales".

This report has put a new spin onrepparttar 101005 traditional methods behind banner ads becauserepparttar 101006 lead finding determined that there is a strong pattern emerging of users who recently saw an online ad and converting that ad exposure into a sale.

There is now a measurable and concrete value to an ad impression WITHOUT a click-thru.

Advertisers will now need to pay attention to repparttar 101007 99% of people that don't click-thru on their ads but do take note ofrepparttar 101008 message for future reference and visits.

This fundamentally raisesrepparttar 101009 monetary value ofrepparttar 101010 Internet as an advertising medium, because this analysis demonstrates that just seeing a banner ad alone WILL create sales.

With these new findings in mind, for a banner ad to work well , they will need to encompass these three "KEY" elements:

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