How To Talk Your Boss Into Giving You A Salary Increase

Written by Gerard McLoughlin

* If you believe you deserve a salary increase, ask for it as soon as possible; don't procrastinate or wait for your employer to offer it.

* Determine what you are worth inrepparttar marketplace by carrying out a survey of people in comparable jobs. Never base your case on a need for more money.

* Be realistic in your assessment of what you are worth and what your employer would be willing or able to pay. Have an exact figure in mind before entering into negotiations. Avoid comparisons. Never compare your salary to someone else's.

* Remember that bosses want employees who contribute torepparttar 150653 company's success by:increasing sales, profits and efficiency; decreasing waste, costs and time taken; improving corporate image, customer relationships and competitive advantage.

* Carry out a detailed analysis of your job description. Be as objective as you can, identifying specific ways in whichrepparttar 150654 company has benefited from your skills, qualifications, work, and experience.

* Anticipate difficult questions, by identifying weaknesses in your case and preparing positive answers.

* If you have records of recent appraisals, study them carefully highlighting your achievements and indicating how you have addressed any shortcomings.

Strengthening Leadership Development with employees

Written by Stephanie Tuia

Within every business lies a network of people who are working to make their employer successful. Because growing business requires more employees, employers need to seek prospective candidates who will align well with their business. Some businesses prefer to promote employees internally; and it can be very beneficial for their company. Keep in mind of three ways a business might want to hire internally. These reasons not only help withrepparttar growth ofrepparttar 150528 business but enhance leadership development with their employees.

Strategy- Hiring new employees is needed and inevitable within a growing business. However, most employers strategize and hire internally for upper-level management positions. Within a growing business, hiring new employees will be inevitable, this strategy, to hire candidates internally, saves time, money, and resources that would otherwise be used to train management employees. Upper-level management positions may require some training, but an internal employee will already have exposure and working knowledge ofrepparttar 150529 company and their position. Their natural leadership development will prosper as they begin to train and educate new employees ofrepparttar 150530 business.

Culture- Every business exhibits a work culture that employees are accustomed to. When you promote internally, you are hiring people who are already familiar with that work culture and leadership development is enhanced when employees carry onrepparttar 150531 traditions of a company. When an internal employee is promoted, they are often influenced byrepparttar 150532 leadership of their predecessor; and if they wish to follow their predecessor, many ofrepparttar 150533 same traditions will be maintained. For example, if a predecessor hosted a Friday luncheon for all employees,repparttar 150534 successor might wish to section off that day for their employees to continuerepparttar 150535 tradition. This provides other employees a sense of continuity. A promoted employee will take onrepparttar 150536 reigns of their new position, and lead often employees with a continued, valued work culture.

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