How To String A Guitar

Written by Gerard Hiner

HOW TO STRING A GUITAR properly is a very overlooked skill and one that all guitar players need to know! This is something you will thousands of times over your guitar playing life and stringing a guitar properly can make a huge difference in maintaining your guitar and keeping it in tune.

It is very important to knowrepparttar string gauge youíre using. The string guage or thickness of string that your guitar has been set up with. If you changerepparttar 125389 gauge youíll likely have to re-adjust your truss rod and intonation. Also, itís good to stay withrepparttar 125390 same brand of guitar string once youíve found one you like. You will get used to certain brand or guage.

The most common method of stringing a guitar is calledrepparttar 125391 "Lock-wind" method.

First, turnrepparttar 125392 tuning key untilrepparttar 125393 hole inrepparttar 125394 string post is in line withrepparttar 125395 nut slot. Next, passrepparttar 125396 string throughrepparttar 125397 hole pulling it up so there's about 2" betweenrepparttar 125398 finger board andrepparttar 125399 string keepingrepparttar 125400 string taught atrepparttar 125401 bridge end. This should allow for about 2Ĺ or 3 windings onrepparttar 125402 string post once youíre done. You don't want any more than that - remember excessive windings can causerepparttar 125403 string to slip continuously when tuning!

Music Business Registry connects artists, managers, publishers, producers & attorneys.

Written by Scott G (The G-Man)

With comprehensive listings of music executives, Ritch Esra and Stephen Trumbull provide vital connections in a rapidly-changing business - a report by The G-Man.

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Each directory tells you how to reach industry professionals by regular mail, e-mail, direct dial telephone and fax. The books provide each person's exact title, street address,repparttar 125402 name of their assistant andrepparttar 125403 styles of music in which each executive specializes. Web sites are also included.

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