How To Stop Unwanted Emails!

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This is down to earth, no nonsense, justrepparttar facts type of information. What arerepparttar 109548 benefits that you gain by reading my article. Anyone using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook express runsrepparttar 109549 risk of infection if they userepparttar 109550 preview pane which most people do.

Virtually anyone with up to date anti virus protection software foundrepparttar 109551 virus relatively easy to stop beforerepparttar 109552 virus infected their system, however dealing with a virus is highly inconvenient and a waste of time.

Every time you get an infected email you will have to stop and clean it up. I finally got tired and decided to look for a program that would let me check my email before I even downloaded it through my regular email program, Outlook express. I was in search of an email checker program that I could use to stop viruses and emails before they got downloaded to my computer. I chooserepparttar 109553 MailWasher Pro as I have multiple email accounts to check.

So I went to my favorite search engine to look for a free program that would let me preview my email on my mail server without downloadingrepparttar 109554 actual email message.

After doing my research I discovered a program called MailWasher Pro they have a free program, which allows you to checkrepparttar 109555 headers in your email inbox before downloading to your computer.

You can see who sentrepparttar 109556 email,repparttar 109557 subject line (which is a spam tip off),repparttar 109558 size ofrepparttar 109559 email with any attachments, and date.

Now this solution won't apply in every situation (no solution can guarantee this) but it helped me out this time.

8 reasons why HTML emails will hurt your marketing efforts

Written by Valerie Tay

HTML emails have been around for a while. They look more professional than their text-only counterparts and actually generate better click-through rates. For example, there are studies which show that click-through rate for text emails for some industries is 7.1% while that for HTML emails is 10%.

That being said, many marketers are still not keen to publish in html. The reason: there are many problems associated with HTML emails that can actually hurt, rather than aid your marketing campaign. So letís make a list of how HTML can be hurtful to your marketing efforts.

1.Different email clients work differently

Internet Explorer (IE) isrepparttar dominant Web browsers used by most web surfers, so when it comes to designing websites, as long asrepparttar 109547 site presents well in IE, chances are, most visitors to your site can view it properly.

Unfortunately,repparttar 109548 equation becomes more complicated if we are talking about emails since there are different types of email clients (eg., Outlook Express, Eudora, web-based email clients and so on), each with different capabilities, settings, versions, etc. that make it more difficult to predict how your email will look like atrepparttar 109549 recipientsí end. Generally speaking,repparttar 109550 capabilities of web-based email clients such as Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo! Mail are not as robust as program-based email clients, so certain effects that appear all right in program-based clients may not show properly in web-based clients. Another example is how some web-based clients cause your re-directs on URL to break or appear as plain text making it such that links that are crucial to makingrepparttar 109551 sales do not work. The worst blunder happens when your recipient receives a marketing message that they canít read at all. This isrepparttar 109552 case with some email clients such as Pine that donít haverepparttar 109553 capability to read HTML or AOL that canít display HTML properly. Consider alsorepparttar 109554 problem your recipients will encounter if they use PDA and Internet-capable cellular phone. These devices donít support HTML email at all.

2.The problem with printing HTML emails

Some of your recipients like to print their emails and read them offline for a variety of reasons. The danger of this to your marketing message is that graphical components in your HTML email may appear as blank boxes with icons indicating that graphics should be there, but are unfortunately not there. When such blank boxes appear, you are kissing goodbye torepparttar 109555 hope that your graphical HTML email will present a professional image to your recipients. Instead of looking disjointed and untidy with blank boxes, your message will have a greater impact if it has no frills (i.e., plain text), but is presented in a properly formatted way.

3.Connecting your users torepparttar 109556 Internet when they donít intend that

Sometimes,repparttar 109557 action of opening a HTML email will trigger a connection torepparttar 109558 Internet when your user doesnít haverepparttar 109559 intention to be connected. This results in inconvenience to your users because they then have to disconnect fromrepparttar 109560 Internet.

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