How To Start an Internet Business – The First Step

Written by Halstatt Pires

The vast majority of web sites are destined to fail before they are even built. Why? Because people building sites almost always putrepparttar cart beforerepparttar 140965 horse. Actually, most don’t even includerepparttar 140966 horse.

Evolution of Your Site

New sites follow a typical evolutionary process.

1. The first stage involves slaving overrepparttar 140967 design ofrepparttar 140968 site to get justrepparttar 140969 right look;

2. The second stage isrepparttar 140970 publication ofrepparttar 140971 site;

3. Third comesrepparttar 140972 first thought about how to get traffic torepparttar 140973 site;

4. Fourth,repparttar 140974 discovery of pay-per-click options;

5. Fifth,repparttar 140975 pursuit of PPC campaigns and realization of sales!;

6. Sixth,repparttar 140976 “misery stage”, occurs withrepparttar 140977 realization that sales are being made at a loss!;

7. Frustration, frustration, frustration;

8. The “extinction stage” - With profitability seeming impossible,repparttar 140978 PPC campaigns are closed andrepparttar 140979 site just sits there.

Welcoming Your Website Visitors

Written by Lisa Packer

Imagine you're going on a blind date. You've heard wonderful things about this person, and in your heart of hearts you're thinking -- hoping -- this might just be "the one." Your heart beats a little faster as you pull intorepparttar driveway, and your stomach is all aflutter as you gingerly reach out and ringrepparttar 140883 door bell.

The door opens, and suddenly you are facing one ofrepparttar 140884 most attractive members ofrepparttar 140885 opposite sex you've ever laid eyes on. Your breath is literally taken away. You become an instant believer in love at first sight.

But your date just stands there atrepparttar 140886 door. No matter how much you chatter away, she doesn't say a word. You are not invited in. You're not even smiled at. Eventually, you give up and get back in your car. Your date goes sadly back inside, wondering why her dates always turn outrepparttar 140887 same way.

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