How To Start a Telephone Answering Business

Written by Jose Valdez

A telephone answering service business is relatively inexpensive and is a home based business that you can operate without having to leaverepparttar comfort of your home. It offers great money making potential and is onerepparttar 149413 easiest to operate.

Any business that relies onrepparttar 149414 telephone is a potential customer. However, your target market will most likely be small businesses and professionals with a busy schedule that relies on incoming telephone calls yet cannot take these calls themselves during certain periods ofrepparttar 149415 day. Some ofrepparttar 149416 best prospective customers to target are small businesses and/or professionals that operate long or odd hours. Examples of such professionals and/or businesses are repair service businesses such as plumbers and electricians. The needs of an answering service business will vary from one business to another. Most answering services only receive incoming calls on behalf ofrepparttar 149417 businesses or professionals for whom they are working. There are some answering services that offer services beyond this, such as doing some administrative tasks and/or making outbound calls. A business may want or need to have a telephone answering service handlerepparttar 149418 telephone calls that it receives during a certain period ofrepparttar 149419 day or 24 hours a day. You should choose in advance,repparttar 149420 hours that your business will operate andrepparttar 149421 services that you will provide. This will help you better determinerepparttar 149422 needs of your business. Setting up Your Business If you will be operating a telephone answering service business by yourself, it may best to solicitrepparttar 149423 business of businesses and/or professionals that need such a service during only certain time ofrepparttar 149424 day. For example, you can choose to have your hours of operation be from 8AM to 6PM. This will allow you to more easily operate your home business by yourself. You should also choose in advancerepparttar 149425 number of clients andrepparttar 149426 services that your business will be providing for them. If all that you will be doing is receiving inbound calls, this will make it easier to handlerepparttar 149427 responsibilities of more than one business at a time. If your business will be providing The number of clients that you will take on andrepparttar 149428 services that you will offer will determine how you will set up your home based business. Phone Lines The way most home based business telephone answering services are set up, is for there to be a separate phone line for each for each client. Each telephone is then marked withrepparttar 149429 company name to help you identify which client phone line is ringing. Having separate phone lines installed should run you $100 to $200 each. There will also be an additional monthly charge of roughly $35 to $40. You can buyrepparttar 149430 telephones at a local store. If you intend to expand your home based business into a small business, you will want to lease a switchboard and possibly move to a small office. This allows you to take on a higher volume of calls and therefore more clients. Forrepparttar 149431 purpose of this article however, onlyrepparttar 149432 aspect of starting and operating a home based business telephone answering will be discussed. Switchboards An alternative to having multiple phone lines installed, is to lease a switchboard from your phone company. You will want to carefully considerrepparttar 149433 location ofrepparttar 149434 switchboard. Once a switchboard is set up, it can be costly to move due torepparttar 149435 penalty fees that phone companies will charge to relocaterepparttar 149436 service. If you plan to have someone else to help you receive phones calls, this may be a better option for you than having multiple phone lines.

7 Benefits Of Working At Home

Written by Barry Redfearn

1. Cut Out The commute Time.

According to a recent surveyrepparttar average person inrepparttar 149412 U.S. spends 51 minutes a day commuting to work. Thatís 221 hours a year, or 9.2 days. According torepparttar 149413 US Census Bureau,repparttar 149414 average commute time varies from state to state. The longest commute time are inrepparttar 149415 largest cities. New York City residents take an average of 38.4 minutes to get to work each day. Unless you are lucky enough to live in Lancaster County, Nebrasa your one way commute is only 15 minutes. This ads up to a lot of time overrepparttar 149416 space of a year. Working at home cuts out this major headache of that dreary commute to work everyday.

2. Spend More Time With Your Family.

Withrepparttar 149417 ever increased pressure in todayís work place. Parents are spending more time at work at less time with their family. This puts pressure on you,repparttar 149418 employee and more pressure onrepparttar 149419 family unit. It is increasingly difficult to getrepparttar 149420 Work-Life balance correct. Working at home gives yourepparttar 149421 opportunity to get that balance correct so as it does not interfere with your family life.

3. Be The Boss.

How many times have you complained about your boss behind their back. This is a common occurrence with many people in full time employment. At times you can clash with your boss, and no matter what you do, your boss is never pleased. No more having to meet up to other peopleís expectations and deadlines. You setrepparttar 149422 targets you want to achieve.

4. Get Rewarded For The Work You Do.

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