How To Start An Internet Business – Site Layout

Written by Halstatt Pires

This step of how to start an Internet business involvesrepparttar layout of your site. When organizing it, two audiences must be considered. Obviously, visitors torepparttar 144040 site arerepparttar 144041 first audience. You must also keep in mindrepparttar 144042 second audience, search engine robots. Both audiences are extremely important and, fortunately, both wantrepparttar 144043 same thing.

Lean, Mean, Fighting Layout

Your site needs to be clean and quick if you want to be successful. Slow, cluttered sites inevitably fail because visitors and spiders get distracted and leave before takingrepparttar 144044 action you want. Let’s take a closer look.


The layout of your site should allow visitors to quickly find information and solutions. To achieve this, every page should be no more than two clicks fromrepparttar 144045 home page. Have you ever been on a site where you have to hunt to find a particular page? Poor layouts are aggravating and hurt conversion rates.

Make things as easy as possible by interlinking betweenrepparttar 144046 site pages. Every page should have links to primary pages and as many other pages as possible. If you look at Marketing Titan, links to primary pages are listed acrossrepparttar 144047 top and bottom of each page. Links to specific services are always listed onrepparttar 144048 left hand side. You can easily negotiaterepparttar 144049 pages ofrepparttar 144050 site. It may look like overkill, but make it as easy as possible for your clients to move around.


Search engines use programs called “spiders” to surfrepparttar 144051 net and index sites. When a spider finds a page, it readsrepparttar 144052 code from top to bottom and left to right. Ifrepparttar 144053 code is clean,repparttar 144054 spider will indexrepparttar 144055 page and followrepparttar 144056 links torepparttar 144057 other pages ofrepparttar 144058 site.

How To Start An Internet Business – Meta Tags and Keyword Density

Written by Halstatt Pires

Okay, you have a domain name, layout and content. Now we get to a step that will go a long way to determining howrepparttar site will rank. Yes, we are going to focus on two infamous topics, meta tags and keyword density.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are html code blocks that “tell” a search engine what is on a particular site page. Meta tags are not visible onrepparttar 144039 pages of your site, but search engine robots focus on them. Three different meta tags should appear on each page of your site.

The meta title essentially acts asrepparttar 144040 title ofrepparttar 144041 page. When you do a search on Google,repparttar 144042 meta title isrepparttar 144043 first underlined text in each listing. The content ofrepparttar 144044 meta title should includerepparttar 144045 keywords you want to push withrepparttar 144046 most important being listed first. Each word should be included no more than 2 times andrepparttar 144047 total word count should not exceed 13 words.

The meta description tag allows for an expansion ofrepparttar 144048 meta title. Use short sentences to emphasizerepparttar 144049 who, what, why and where of your business. Make absolute sure that every keyword in your title also appears in your description.

One ofrepparttar 144050 aggravating things about search engines is how they use meta descriptions. Most pick only certain sections of your description. When your link appears inrepparttar 144051 search results,repparttar 144052 description may make little if any sense. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it.

Historically, meta keywords were a very important factor inrepparttar 144053 ranking process. How times have changed. Google doesn’t even look at them, while MSN and Yahoo give them marginal value. You should still use them, if for no other reason then forcing you to focus on your keyword phrases when creating content.

Keyword density simply refers to how often keywords appear in a page as a percentage ofrepparttar 144054 total text. A few years back, it was common practice to cram and hide keywords all over a page. You probably remember seeing pages with thousands of keywords listed atrepparttar 144055 very bottom. This no longer works and is considered spamming by search engines.

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