How To Start An Internet Business – Designing For Usefulness

Written by Halstatt Pires

The first step to starting any Internet business is conducting keyword research to determine if there is any interest in your idea. Once you identify a need, it’s time to consider what your site should look like.

What Is The Goal?

In consideringrepparttar look of your site, you first need to determine what elements are needed to promote your service or product. There are endless books, forums and people with adamant opinions onrepparttar 142027 subject. Some opine a site should be all about linking, while others opine creating a community through message boards isrepparttar 142028 key. A third set righteously point out a site should be slick or cool, while a fourth group will argue justrepparttar 142029 opposite. So, who is right and who is wrong? The answer is…all of them.

When developing a site,repparttar 142030 goal is actually very simple. Your site should be useful. That’s it,repparttar 142031 big secret. The problem, of course, is “useful” means different things for different sites.

A site that provides a service to businesses, such as consulting, should focus on content and linking. A site that promotes something related to entertainment should have an element of cool and have message boards to discuss rumors, etc. A site that sells products should focus on linking and loading quickly, i.e., a simple, clean design. The point is that each site is unique and there is no universal answer. Whateverrepparttar 142032 particular direction of your site, simply make sure it is useful to your users.

Site Examples

Let’s use Google as our example. What does Google do? It gives usersrepparttar 142033 ability to search and find relevant information. So, shouldrepparttar 142034 home page of Google look “cool”? Should it have a lot of content on how to conduct searches? Should it have forums to create a sense of community? No,repparttar 142035 home page would be most useful if it simply let you search without bombarding you with a lot of clutter. Indeed,repparttar 142036 Google home page is just that.

Frames and Search Engines

Written by Sumantra Roy

When it comes to framed sites andrepparttar effect thatrepparttar 141628 use of frames by a site has on its search engine ranking, there are two schools of thought.

Some people say that framed sites, if done properly, have no problems in getting good rankings inrepparttar 141629 search engines.

Others claim that if search engine optimization is important to you, never use frames.

In my opinion,repparttar 141630 truth lies somewhere in between. Yes,repparttar 141631 use of frames does throw up a few issues when it comes to getting good rankings inrepparttar 141632 search engines which don't understand frames.

Hence, when you are designing a new site, I would recommend that you avoid using frames, unless you have a specific reason for doing so.

However, if you already have a site which uses frames, all is not lost. You can still get good rankings inrepparttar 141633 search engines even though you have used frames.

Furthermore, using frames also has its own advantages when it comes to search engine placement, as we shall later on.

This article assumes that you have a working knowledge of frames. For more information on frames, go to

In case your site uses frames,repparttar 141634 key to getting good rankings lies in usingrepparttar 141635 NOFRAMES tag. The NOFRAMES tag is intended to help framed web sites display some content for those people who are using browsers which don't understand frames.

The search engines which don't understand frames also look atrepparttar 141636 NOFRAMES tag. Hence, if you are using frames, you need to add content torepparttar 141637 NOFRAMES tag.

What you should do is to add a complete web page withinrepparttar 141638 NOFRAMES tag. Ensure that this page repeatsrepparttar 141639 important keywords for your site a number of times.

Also, in order to ensure thatrepparttar 141640 content withinrepparttar 141641 NOFRAMES tag is as prominent as possible torepparttar 141642 search engines, you should putrepparttar 141643 NOFRAMES tag right afterrepparttar 141644 FRAMESET tag. However, don't putrepparttar 141645 NOFRAMES beforerepparttar 141646 FRAMESET tag. If you do that, Internet Explorer will display your site correctly but Netscape will displayrepparttar 141647 content present inrepparttar 141648 NOFRAMES tag, rather thanrepparttar 141649 content present withinrepparttar 141650 frames.

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