How To Start A Million-Dollar Empire On A Shoe String Budget

Written by John Nemes

Splattered acrossrepparttar media channels inrepparttar 117985 UK lately has been a surge of Internet failure related news.

After millions of pounds/dollars have been spent inrepparttar 117986 development of an exciting new venture, a couple of years downrepparttar 117987 linerepparttar 117988 company has realised thatrepparttar 117989 gold mine they thought they were sitting on wasn't really a gold mine... it was a flop. Millions wasted.

They had hundreds of employees... millions inrepparttar 117990 bank, plus enough venture capital to enable them to last a lifetime. But even with all of this support and monetary backing, they go bust and wind up in financial ruins.

So what went wrong? Isrepparttar 117991 Internet to blame?

Not likely. The good news is there's a flip side to that coin. Individuals who are starting with less than a couple of hundred bucks are grossing PERSONAL incomes of $50,000 per month or MORE. How can this be possible?

It's all about using money wisely. The smart individuals learnrepparttar 117992 required development skills themselves and save HUGELY on third-party working costs. Here's how...

The big businesses feelrepparttar 117993 need to spend lots of money on every area ofrepparttar 117994 business, just to feel more secure. Example costs of a typical "big Internet startup" might be:

Office space: $200,000 Website development: $50,000 Employee wages: $500,000 Business/Legal expenses: $10,000 Marketing expenses: $500,000 Product related costs: $100,000

Inrepparttar 117995 first year it's likely that they'd have spent $1.5M or more. Each product they sell might produce a 200% mark-up at best. Now compare that to an entrepreneur running an automated web service that he sells for $20 per month:

Office space: NO cost (they work from home) Website development: $35 p/m for web hosting Employee wages: NO cost. It's fully automated. Business/Legal Expenses: Maybe $500 a year Marketing Expenses: $200 a month Product related costs: NONE

After a year, a little over $1000 is spent whilstrepparttar 117996 product brings in a mark-up of over 10,000% or more.

The money that is earned belongs torepparttar 117997 entrepreneur. He/She has NO employees, NO additional overhead expenses, NO product costs and their marketing is sorted through affiliate/joint ventures. If handling email gets hectic, they could pay someone a couple of hundred dollars per week to outsource support to someone else... NO need to work from an office, since they can handle it from home.

What are the steps to becoming Gainfully Unemployed?

Written by Edward B. Toupin

Being Gainfully Unemployed is actually a state of mind---a spiritual awakening and a way of life. Or, it isrepparttar fact that you decided to quit your day job and do something fun and exciting. Or, it could be that renting snorkels on a beach in Mexico provides a better chance for advancement. It is whatever you want it to be! The idea behind becoming Gainfully Unemployed is to work for yourself in such a way that you can actually do better for yourself than as a full-time employee for someone else.

I've always been a highly schedule-oriented individual. I need to have an organized list of tasks that direct me toward an ultimate goal. With that, I knew that if I was ever going to leave my full-time job, I had to sit down and map out my direction. Of course, I had no idea which direction I was going, so I had to figure that out as well.

This article provides an overview ofrepparttar 117984 steps I took in developing my plan of attack. I had to determine what I wanted, where I wanted to go, and how I had to get there.

* Prepare Your Plan The plan isrepparttar 117985 most important part of starting out on your new endeavor. It is essential to map out your direction so to know how to get to where you want to go. The also plan helps you know when you get there. It can be used for motivation, direction, ideas, and helping to keep you on track when your brain starts down a tangent.

The plan itself is based on three important items:

*repparttar 117986 Mission, *repparttar 117987 Vision, and * your Goals.

The Mission is a short statement about your overall direction---what you plan to do. The Vision identifies where you might see yourself in five years---your long term objective and direction. The Goals identify short-term objectives---the stepping stones to achieve your Mission and reach your Vision.

* Set Yourself Up There are two ways to make it happen for you: quit your job now or set yourself up to be able to step off into a comfortable opportunity. I would suggestrepparttar 117988 latter as life is much easier when you make it happen your way instead of having to claw and pray that you can pay your bills.

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