How To Start A Blind Cleaning Business Quickly And Easily

Written by Randy Wilson

Startingrepparttar blind cleaning business is one ofrepparttar 147311 best marketable business ideas you could latch on to. If you giverepparttar 147312 requisite amount of time and dedication, there will be no cap on your earnings. No wonder, there is pleasure unlimited in being one's own boss. A lot of ambitious people like you have made successful entrepreneurs of themselves, as they masteredrepparttar 147313 principles of a successful blind cleaning service.

7,000 - $15,000 if you purchase a blind cleaning machine. To keep costs down atrepparttar 147314 start, rent cleaning equipment initially.

Financing sources:
Apart from your own pockets, you haverepparttar 147315 following helpful avenues to help kick start your Blind Cleaning service:

  1. A start up business loan fromrepparttar 147316 bank: Nowadays big banks are more open to funding finance upto $100,000 for new businesses demonstrating long-term viability.

  2. A start up business loan from a business-related or government sponsored organization: There are a lot of non profit organizations out there who can supportrepparttar 147317 young blood(people inrepparttar 147318 age group of 18 and 35 by providing start up loans upto $15,000.). Also helpful are Women's organizations to pitch in with financial sources.

  3. Government sponsored business start up programs: There are Self-Employment Program started by governments which provide start up investment and also help you develop your business.

  4. Investors: Angel investors( also known as 'gap fillers' to fund inrepparttar 147319 money when there is a shortage, people who have a personal interest in seeing your business through) and venture capitalists are helpful in funding your business and seeing it through.

Pricing guidelines for service:
$10 to $15 per blind could be charged. You could charge according torepparttar 147320 competitive rates andrepparttar 147321 demand for your service.

Advertising and Marketing Methods and Tips:

  • Direct mailing
  • Regional ads inrepparttar 147322 newspaper
  • Online ads
  • Community bulletin boards
  • Ads inrepparttar 147323 telephone directory

Essential Equipment:
A proprietary cleaning solution based on Ultrasonic technology, sheeting agent(to dryrepparttar 147324 blinds), renting or purchasing a specialized cleaning machine. The proprietary cleaning solution should take care ofrepparttar 147325 spots, smells andrepparttar 147326 dust, with fast action. A little stepladder, cleaning cloths, hand-held vacuum cleaner, buckets, drop cloths, tools for repair and a vehicle to move your equipment around.

Learn internet marketing secrets and enjoy the benefits of an increased income!!

Written by bethany johnson

Learn internet marketing secrets and enjoyrepparttar benefits of an increased income!!

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1. First thing you need is a product (This is easier than it sounds if you know where and how).

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3. You need inexpensive or free advertising to get you started (Let me guess you thought advertising was expensive...sorry to burstrepparttar 147087 bubble but you can find AMAZING free advertisment EVERYWHERE).

4. You need to put work into your new business (get rich quick schemes DON'T WORK! so stop wasting money on them! You can expect to put in between 2-4 hours a day to start. Once you are comfortable with everythingrepparttar 147088 amount of time spent working will diminish. Then you can expect to work for about 1 hour 5 or 6 days a week).

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