How To Speak From a Higher Level of Being

Written by Burt Dubin

Relax, I'm not going to get airy-fairy on you. We'll stay grounded. We'll stay rooted inrepparttar practical realities of building your business as an expert who speaks.

Picture this- The wise sailor acceptsrepparttar 125572 winds and tides as they are. The wise sailor doesn't try to changerepparttar 125573 winds and tides. The wise sailor engagesrepparttar 125574 winds and tides to moverepparttar 125575 boat acrossrepparttar 125576 waters. Acrossrepparttar 125577 briny deep from whererepparttar 125578 boat is to repparttar 125579 desired destination. Are you with me so far?

Imagine this- Your speaking business is your boat. You're repparttar 125580 Captain as well asrepparttar 125581 navigator. The waters ofrepparttar 125582 briny deep arerepparttar 125583 present times,repparttar 125584 here and now,repparttar 125585 ocean in which you sink or swim as an expert inrepparttar 125586 business of speaking. Are you still with me? Good. The winds and tides arerepparttar 125587 feelings and attitudes,repparttar 125588 climate and environment in which your clients and prospects do whatever they do.

Now, please reflect upon this reality- The feelings and attitudes ofrepparttar 125589 people who leadrepparttar 125590 organizations you serve as an expert who speaks, simply are. (Just asrepparttar 125591 winds and tides simply are.) And these organizational leaders want to be successful at whatever they offerrepparttar 125592 universe of markets and people they serve.

So, why this explanation? Because times have changed. As we startrepparttar 125593 new century,repparttar 125594 new millennium, attitudes and feelings are evolving. There is now a ground swell of recognition, of receptivity, of awareness ofrepparttar 125595 non-physical aspect of life. And-sensitivity torepparttar 125596 place ofrepparttar 125597 human spirit inrepparttar 125598 world of work.

For example, Barbara Scofidio,repparttar 125599 editor of Corporate Meetings & Incentives magazine reported an experience of what she called, "service with soul." (Her words) She referred torepparttar 125600 experience she had on a Southwest Airlines flight. As recently as a year ago I don't think you'd have seenrepparttar 125601 word "soul" in a corporate magazine.

"Break Free Now"

Written by Burt Dubin

Every outstanding achievement starts with a minority of one. When Mohammed Ali announced I amrepparttar greatest, only he believed it. And he believed it fromrepparttar 125571 marrow of his bones. Then he prepared himself. He practiced, drilled, rehearsed. Just as you are to do. He strengthened his muscles as he strengthened his resolve. Just as you are to do. He became a powerhouse of implacable commitment to be what he said he was. Just as you are to do.

Think about it. An affirmation, a bald, bold, audacious affirmation became reality. And within his sphere and his time in history, he made himselfrepparttar 125572 greatest. Is there an idea here for you? I think so. OK, how do you createrepparttar 125573 conditions and circumstances,repparttar 125574 vivid, living, breathing, palpitating reality of you-and I do mean you-being personally great in your sphere, in your time in history-being personally great as an expert who speaks.

It's not so hard. Not if you have a plan.

1. Start with your essence. With your personal essence. What are you really about? What right do you have to stand before audiences sharing your wisdom? What have you to offer that is unique and special? What sets you apart from all other experts who speak? This is your core value. Identify and exploit your core value. Until you do you're not ready forrepparttar 125575 big room,repparttar 125576 main stage,repparttar 125577 general sessions or keynote slots.

2. Develop an hour of pure value. Principles and what-to's. Lace it with a touch of humor. Include pauses to let your key ideas sink in. Do your out-of-town tryouts, your shakedown cruise at service clubs. Trim it down. Getrepparttar 125578 bugs out.

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