How To Set Up A Blog

Written by Sean Felker

A blog is an online diary or as some people call them a weblog. They can be about any topic you would like to comment on. Setting up a blog can seem to be a very difficult task forrepparttar non techie type out there. They(the techie types) talk about MYSQL, PHP and you need a reader to read a blog in. Then they say u gotta pingrepparttar 138822 blog.

Is that a new mixed drink or something ? We talk to our children and they look at us as if we come from another planet.

All I want to do is blog.

My Dad being basically computer illiterate a short time ago. HMM I still think he is but I wont say it to often in this house. I wrote these instructions for him and he had had no major problems setting up a blog.

The easiest way to start a blog in my opinion and you may wish to differ ;-) are detaled inrepparttar 138823 following steps:

You will need a reader to readrepparttar 138824 blog you make or someone elses that you subscribe to.

The 1st step is an easy way to get a reader that allows rss feeds to be pulled to your My page.

1. Go to and create a my yahoo page. If you have one already go to step 2.

Ezine Article Advertising & Marketing Blunders

Written by Joel Walsh

Ezine Article Advertising & Marketing Blunders

by Joel Walsh

Interested in advertising and marketing your web business with ezine articles? Make any of these blunders and you may cut your response in half.

Blunder Number 1: Not including an author's resource box/ezine advertisement

Yes, there are really authors who don't remember to include an author's resource box (the biography/advertisement atrepparttar 138874 end ofrepparttar 138875 article). That box isrepparttar 138876 whole point of distributing articles inrepparttar 138877 first place. Even ifrepparttar 138878 body of your article has a link to your website, you'll be losing allrepparttar 138879 clicks from dedicated ezine readers who look for that box atrepparttar 138880 end of articles they like.

Blunder Number 2: Not including a link in your ezine article's author's resource box

There are a shocking number of author's who use an author's resource box to include their email address, telephone number, street address, gym locker combination, and everything else but a link to their website. This is a big waste for two reasons:

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