How To Sell Your Home Instantly & For Full Value

Written by Edward A Hopkins Jr


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Thank you for your interest inrepparttar Easy Mortgage Money system. Now you can see for yourself howrepparttar 117441 Easy Mortgage Money system enables you to:

1. Sell Your Property Instantly and For Full Value 2. Receive More For Your Property GUARANTEED 3. Try It With No Cost Or Commitment More For Your Property Guaranteed: We GUARANTEE that you will receive more for your property with EMM financing than with any other alternative for selling your property. You arerepparttar 117442 sole judge. If you don't agree, simply turn down our proposal and own nothing. There is no better guarantee anywhere.

To start selling your home Instantly and For Full Value:

1. Set Your Asking Price At Full Appraisal Value 2. Include Our "Magic" Words In Your Ads 3. Put an Easy Mortgage Money Sign in Your Front Lawn 4. Be prepared for your phone to ring offrepparttar 117443 hook Set Your Asking Price At Full Appraisal Value: Our system produces Buyers who forfeit normal price negotiation to obtainrepparttar 117444 special financing they need. However, if you don't "Ask" for full value, you won't receive it. We recommend that you invest a few hundred dollars in a professional appraisal to avoid throwing away thousands of dollars with an uninformed sale price.

The enclosed "green sheet" shows you how to obtainrepparttar 117445 right kind of appraisal and you unique opportunity to passrepparttar 117446 cost ofrepparttar 117447 appraisal along to your Buyer. If you're unsure of your property's appraisal value, order one of these appraisals today so you can ask for and receive full value for your property.

Include Our "Magic" Words In Your Ads: Our "Magic" words will produce more Buyers for your property than you ever dreamed possible. Simply ass these words torepparttar 117448 beginning of your existing ad wherever you run it. Instruct your advertiser to add these words beforerepparttar 117449 next publication:

Easy Mortgage Money - Will Finance [Almost] Anyone

Put an Easy Mortgage Money Sign in Your Front Lawn: "Normal" lawn signs initiate 18% of home sales. Easy Mortgage lawn signs tell Buyers that your home is special-they can buy it even though they cannot buy other similar homes. Userepparttar 117450 Easy Mortgage lawn sign to supplement your primary sign (with phone number), not as a replacement for it.

Select The Best Full Price Offer - Not Necessarily The First One: Set up a competition among your Prospects by simply telling them, "I will collect full price offers for two weeks and then selectrepparttar 117451 best one." The best single indicator of a qualified Buyer is a saved 5% down payment. The Seller's Guide shows you more techniques for how to pickrepparttar 117452 best offer and we've enclosed a customized guide showing how "EMM Helps Buyers Afford Your Property". Indeed, Buyers can often buy substantially buy more expensive homes with EMM- another reason Buyers can buy your home, but notrepparttar 117453 ones that compete it.


Written by Kevin Graf

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