How To Sell On Ebay & Keep Your Shirt

Written by Isaiah Hull

How To Sell On Ebay & Keep Your Shirt

Have you ever been delighted after a huge sale on Ebay. . .only to find out that your massive profit margin was whittled away by fee after fee after fee after fee?

Ebay charged you to list your item; they charged you to add pictures; they charged you to add upgrades; they charged you to use a template; they charged you to put your auction up at a certain time; and then, on top of everything else. . .they charged you AGAIN for closingrepparttar sale.

At this point, you would have been happy to walk away from your huge sale withrepparttar 147625 shirt on your back. But no. Paypal arrived onrepparttar 147626 scene to process your transaction for a small fee - your shirt.

. . .and there you sat at your computer, frustrated and shirtless. You were probably ready to just throw your hands up in dispair and quit selling on Ebay.

But you didnít. You stuck with it. Maybe you havenít had any success on Ebay since then, but what matters is that you stuck with it. And that is easilyrepparttar 147627 most important part about selling on Ebay: sticking with it until you get that breakthrough.

And for that, I am going to reward you by showing you some simple tricks I have used to preventrepparttar 147628 fee-mongers from extracting all of my profits. Hopefully this will help you to dorepparttar 147629 same and find your breakthrough.

The first method is using free hosting services for all of your auction pictures. If you sell a lot of small items on Ebay, this will save you a considerable amount of money in fees. If you only sell large items, this will allow you to cut back on unncessary fees on each auction.

I personally suggest using for this. All you have to do is uploadrepparttar 147630 pictures you want in your auctions and then then reference them in repparttar 147631 actual auctions.

The second fee-saving method I suggest is creating or purchasing a template for your auctions. I personally suggest learning HTML, which doesnít take very long, and using it to create your own template.

Building a Resume Writing Service for Profit

Written by Randy Wilson

The resume writing service serves an important role inrepparttar economy. Many qualified candidates have a difficult time marketing themselves to employers and turn to a professional writing service for assistance. A successful resume is more than just a job history. As an experienced resume writer, you can providerepparttar 147573 exposure needed for a job seeker to land an interview.

Specializing as an executive resume writing service can bring greater income for both you and your clients. One perfect resume is easily worth hundreds of dollars to an executive seeking a five- or six-figure increase of salary. The drawback, of course, is that fewer people are seeking such resumes.

Start Up Costs and Financing Sources:

Under $500

Starting a professional writing service can be virtually free. The major expense is advertising. Personal savings, credit cards, friends, or family members are probably your best resources for financing. Bank or venture capital investments are unlikely in this volatile industry.

Pricing Guidelines for Service:

$50 to $300+ per resume Prices vary according torepparttar 147574 market andrepparttar 147575 experience ofrepparttar 147576 provider. An executive resume writing service with a good reputation can command much higher prices.

Advertising and Marketing:

Advertise inrepparttar 147577 help wanted sections of local newspapers.

Work with local colleges and technical schools. Their endorsements could mean big business for you. Also look near campuses for bulletin boards where you can place free advertisements. Laundromats, grocery stores, and banks are good sources of such bulletin boards.

Your web site will probably berepparttar 147578 largest source of customer orders. A professional web site that is easy to use will be immensely helpful.

Essential Equipment:

The most basic piece of equipment is a computer with a word processing software package installed. An Internet connection and high-quality printer will also be useful. While today's widespread Internet makes it possible to run a purely digital resume writing service, it is still customary to provide quality hard copies printed on elegant paper.

Income Potential:

$5,000 to $50,000

Working part time can produce a few thousand per year of extra income with virtually no overhead. A full-time venture can bring a very sizeable income.

Target Market:

Some ofrepparttar 147579 situations you might encounter are:

  • People enteringrepparttar 147580 job market forrepparttar 147581 first time
  • People who are re-enteringrepparttar 147582 job market after an absense (maternity, etc.)
  • Professionals seeking an executive resume writing service to move upward withinrepparttar 147583 company

Tips for Success:

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