How To Sell On Ebay: The Money Is In The Back-End

Written by Isaiah Hull

How To Sell On Ebay: The Money Is In The Back-End

Many people who sell on Ebay completely neglectrepparttar follow-up process. They post an auction. Someone wins. They send an automated message torepparttar 147629 winner. They shiprepparttar 147630 item. End of story. End of buyer-seller relationship.

. . .end of customerís total worth torepparttar 147631 business --and this is why so many people who sell on Ebay fail or make negligible profits: they have no idea thatrepparttar 147632 real money is actually in back-end and follow-up sales.

In this article, I am going to go over one ofrepparttar 147633 tools you can use to make follow-up sales on Ebay: autoresponders.

Autoresponders will allow you to automaterepparttar 147634 follow-up and upselling process. You can subscribe to an autoresponding service through a number of different companies. Most will give you a free trial that limits your abilities, but lasts indefinitely.

Getresponse ( is one of these companies. It has a user-friendly control panel, excellent customer service, and offers a free trial version that will give you access to everything you need for early upselling and follow-up.

You can use your autoresponder a number of different ways to make follow-up sales, but you must start by collecting names to load into your autoresponder.

You can do this by asking customers (after youíve made a sale) if they would like to join your mailing list and receive special offers, discounts, andrepparttar 147635 chance to buy items before they go on auction. Load repparttar 147636 names and email addresses ofrepparttar 147637 people who respond positively into your autoresponder.

Getresponse will send them a confirmation message. The rest is up to you.

Come up with special offers, discounts, and contests and send them out via broadcast to your subscribers on a regular basis, but not too often.

How To Sell On Ebay: Pricing Strategy

Written by Isaiah Hull

How To Sell On Ebay: Pricing Strategy

Many new Ebay sellers make one of two mistakes: either they overprice items to an unsellable extreme; or they lose money on every transaction by setting low starting prices with no restrictions.

In this lesson, I am going to go over which pricing strategies to use and when if you are using a ten-day auction setup.

Strategy #1

If you are listing a popular item that you are confident will sell for a high price, one strategy you can use isrepparttar ten-day, one cent starting price, no reserve auction. This isrepparttar 147628 best way to start a bidding war: pull in bidders early with a low starting price and no reserve and give them ten days and two weekends to battle it out.

Depending onrepparttar 147629 profit-margin ofrepparttar 147630 item andrepparttar 147631 quality and number of your competitors, you may want to consider using listing upgrades, such as bold, highlight, and feature listing options to ensure your auction sticks out ofrepparttar 147632 crowd.

Please note that I do not recommend this strategy for beginners. This is extremely high risk if you do not know how to takerepparttar 147633 risk out of it - and this is not something I can teach you. You must determine this by assessing your own personal inventory with tests.

Strategy #2

Now, if you are new to Ebay or want to list an item with undetermined popularity, you can use a safer, but potentially as profitable bidding strategy for ten-day auctions.

You still wont use a reserve with this strategy. But instead of settingrepparttar 147634 start price low to encourage a bidding war, you are going to set your start price to your ideal selling price - and then couple it with a buy it now price that is slightly higher.

This will put pressure onrepparttar 147635 buyer to buy it now instead of watching. If she waits, she gains absolutely nothing--and she risks someone else bidding (and ruiningrepparttar 147636 low BIN price) or just snatching it withrepparttar 147637 BIN option.

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