How To Save Money By Testing For Feline UTI Yourself

Written by Nancy E. Wigal

Do you want to save money, anxiety for your kitty, and unnecessary trips to your vet? Would you like to know if your cat is developing crystals in her urine that could lead to a feline UTI?

It's easy to do with this check-at-home method.

If your kitty has been previously diagnosed with a feline UTI, there's a chance it could re-occur. Since it's impossible to seerepparttar crystals in your cat's urine that are caused by a UTI, you don't know kitty's hurting again untilrepparttar 125738 UTI is fairly well advanced. And then how do you tell?

Poor kitty probably stops usingrepparttar 125739 cat litter box - again.

Well, there's an easy method to check kitty's urine at home, with a minimum of fuss. You can check as often as you like, and it's easy to seerepparttar 125740 test results - you don't need any training.

Here's how:

First off, you'll need either non-absorbent litter (available from your vet) or clean acquarium gravel that's available at any local pet store.

Next, you'll need urine pH test strips, which you can read about, and order at:

Then, set up kitty in a room of her own with food, water, a clean litter box (scrubbed clean, not just litter-dumped-out clean) withrepparttar 125741 non-absorbent litter or acquarium gravel. You might also add some of her favorite toys, a kitty DVD (see them here at, or just turn on a radio tuned to a classical music station, withrepparttar 125742 volume set low.

This testing is even easier when you knowrepparttar 125743 approximate times ofrepparttar 125744 day or night your cat usesrepparttar 125745 litter box. You may need to observe your cat for a few days to figure this out. Scout usually goes around 4:30 AM, or 5:00 PM. There's probably other times, but these arerepparttar 125746 two most convenient times for me to grab a fresh sample from her.

Top 10 Benefits of Natural and Holistic Pet Care

Written by Mariangie Gonzalez

There are a number of reasons for choosing natural pet foods, treats and supplies. First, use of natural products is consistent with a holistic view. A holistic approach considers all factors regarding your pet's health, not just individual symptoms. The top 10 benefits of choosing natural and holistic pet care are listed below.

1) Better nutrition- a natural diet reduces contact with unnecessary chemicals and preservatives while increasingrepparttar intake of quality nutrients and vitamins.

2) Less probability of developing disease- Quality natural foods can reducerepparttar 125737 onset of a variety of health problems, including allergies, digestive disorders and more.

3) Treats source of disease not just symptoms- Holistic care also looks at an animal's surroundings for ways to improve health. Lowering potential causes of stress, such as loneliness or territorial conflicts, can be helpful in improving overall health. Sufficient exercise and grooming are also elements of good holistic care.

4) Longer lifespan- natural pet care will help pets live a long life and give you many years of faithful companionship.

5) Enhanced quality of life- there's no use on living longer ifrepparttar 125738 quality of life is not good, holistic pet care, will provide a better quality of life for your pet.

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