How To Run A Stress-Free Online Business

Written by Ken Leonard Jr.

"How To Run A Stress-Free Online Business" By Ken Leonard,Jr. 2002 KLJ Online "Don't Quit Your Day Job!" I think we can all agree that stress is one ofrepparttar worst things in life. If you manage stress well, you can also manage your business and your life well. Living with stress can make running any business a chore. Too much unmanaged stress can break up families and friends, and will ultimately be fatal to your business and your health. The ideal business plan for an entrepreneur that expects to be successful "downrepparttar 117518 road" is to develop multiple streams of income. When starting a home-based business, you can immediately begin working on your second "stream" by not quitting your day (or primary) "job". This puts your new online business inrepparttar 117519 best position in which to succeed, with minimal stress. There is no pressure to "produce" from day one, as long as your household income staysrepparttar 117520 same. Of course you will push yourself to reach your goals, but if you don't make a profit for a while, your personal finances are not affected. Being in this great situation, you will notice that you not only enjoy building your home-based business, but you now enjoy your time at your "regular job" even more. When you go to work inrepparttar 117521 morning ( or whenever), you know that you

BEYOND EBOOKS - 10 Powerful Alternative Infoproduct Formats Part 1 of 2

Written by Jeff Smith

here are literally hundreds of new information-based eBooks being released every day.

Isrepparttar market saturated? Do you stand a chance? How do you make your product stand out fromrepparttar 117517 crowd?

No doubt, there is still very good money to be made with eBooks. But, it is getting more difficult to stand out fromrepparttar 117518 crowd.

You have a topic, you haverepparttar 117519 knowledge, you know that people will want to buy what you have for them, so how do you get to them?

The answer, alter your format. There are many different information products you can use to package your knowledge. Even better...

Many of these can be far more profitable thanrepparttar 117520 oft- used eBook.

Here are 10 alternatives to eBooks you can use to sell your knowledge - 5 inrepparttar 117521 first part, and 5 more in repparttar 117522 next part.

1. Special Reports

Highly focused documents used to address one specific topic. Provide readers with essential information they want or need right away. Range from a few pages to 20 pages or more. Typically sell inrepparttar 117523 range of $5 to $25 or more depending on value ofrepparttar 117524 information.

2. Booklets

Similar to special reports, but generally sold as tangible products (paper and ink). Same price and page range as special reports - with added benefit of expanding markets to offline as well as online customers.

3. E-course

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