How To Repel The Opposite Sex

Written by T. O' Donnell

There is a war betweenrepparttar sexes. This war is based on a misunderstanding. The misunderstanding is this:

Women think that men think like women. Men think that women think like men.

A woman does this:

Prepares a meal of food she likes - bitter, lean, salady, light, and expects her date to like it; Borrows a romantic DVD, with plenty of crying; Wears a scent *she* likes; Dresses to please her mainly female colleagues; Keeps company with women, and acts in solidarity with them; Trades secrets with other women, and feels empowered by so doing; Has deep and wide-ranging feelings; Is concerned withrepparttar 144062 feelings of those around her; Abhors dirt and disorder; Rages and cries atrepparttar 144063 smallest thing, once a month; Words mean whatever she's feeling atrepparttar 144064 time;

A man does this:

Not too fussed about food - likes heavy, sweet, stodgy grub; Borrows an action or comic DVD, with no sob-stuff; A quick wash underrepparttar 144065 armpits and we're good to go; Dresses to intimidate other men; Happily keeps company with men, women, criminals, a dog, anything, as long as it doesn't talk too much; Trades mock punches, slaps onrepparttar 144066 back, cruel jokes, and has a good laugh; One mood, allrepparttar 144067 time; Is not too bothered about other people's feelings, unless he's done something *really* bad; Secretly enjoys living in his own filth; Last cried a few years ago, and did it in private; Words mean asrepparttar 144068 dictionary defines them;

Now, how can these two distinct creatures ever get together?

Simple. Each has to start thinking likerepparttar 144069 other, just a little bit. Each has to researchrepparttar 144070 other's fantasy world, and reflect it back torepparttar 144071 object of desire.

A good source of research isrepparttar 144072 magazine rack in your local supermarket. Men should look at womens' magazines, and vice-versa. Men will discover that women fantasise about men who are:

Pretty-boys; Slim; Muscular (like a swimmer, not a weight-lifter); Fashionably dressed; Patrician; Tight-fitting trousers; Attentive; Wealthy; Powerful; Confident; Popular; Makes her laugh; Takes charge; Can discuss his feelings occasionally; Yet isn't a wet dish-cloth;

Women will discover that men fantasise about:


(Sorry, I couldn't resist that.)

Men fantasise about women who are:

Pretty; Good size bust; Exotic (foreign); Flirtatious; Tight-fitting top; A hint of underclothing 'accidentally' revealed; Just might be a bit 'naughty'; Laughs at his jokes; Has a strong personality (extrovert, introvert, doesn't matter);

Parents Rights Violated By Public School Compulsory Attendence Laws

Written by Joel Turtel

Compulsory attendance laws are school authorities’ first assault on parental rights. These laws force almost forty-five million children to sit in often boring classes six to eight hours a day for twelve years. Compulsory attendance laws force parents to hand over their children to state employees called teachers, principals, and administrators, whose competence they must take on faith.

Compulsory attendance laws show contempt for parents’ rights because they are based onrepparttar notion thatrepparttar 144061 state owns our children for twelve years, and that parents should have little say inrepparttar 144062 matter.

In effect, these laws allow state officials to legally kidnap millions of children, allegedly to benefitrepparttar 144063 children by giving them an education (inrepparttar 144064 opinion of these officials). “Kidnap” may seem like a harsh word, yet wouldn’t you apply that word to someone who took your child by force against your will?

Unfortunately, most parents voluntarily send their kids torepparttar 144065 local public school. These parents believe they are doingrepparttar 144066 right thing or have no alternative, so they might not believe that school authorities kidnap their kids. However, millions of other parents are so disgusted with public schools that they either homeschool their kids or send them to private schools.

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