How To Receive Advance Information and Answers From God In Writing

Written by By Barbara Rose

This ability IS your gut instincts in writing. It carries profound accuracy, and is available to you every moment.

That “still small voice” within, that “gut feeling” or sudden brilliant idea, IS God communicating to you to help you in your life.

You may not believe in God, nor do you have to. This is fine.

You do not have to callrepparttar source of this wisdom “God.” You can call it intuition, your higher self, common sense, higher consciousness, your deepest wisdom,repparttar 122409 collective unconscious.

Wisdom does not need a name.

Your gut instincts in writing can suffice as far as naming this ability.

The most important aspect of this is that you access your highest wisdom to achieve, clarify, or gain a higher perspective, to help you in any area of your life.

Here is how you do it.

1. Go into a room where you feel most comfortable where there are no outside distractions.

2. Sit or lie on pillows, and get into a comfortable position to write.

3. Take five to seven deep breaths.

4. Ask to be connected to whatever name you give your highest and deepest source of guidance or wisdom.

5. Ask for onlyrepparttar 122410 pure truth, to come to your mind in writing.

(You can pray for divine protection if you believe in this, or you can simply say in your own mind that you request ONLYrepparttar 122411 highest and purest truth. If you believe in prayer, you can read psalm 121 fromrepparttar 122412 bible before you begin. Or you can simply tell yourself that you are now going to access and bring your highest wisdom forth into your conscious mind.)

6. Take several deep breaths, in through your nose, and out of your mouth.

7. Write your questions down. Then write Thank You for this wisdom in advance. (Personally, I write: “Thank You God for Divine, Perfect Truth in Advance. Love, Barbara.") You may phrase your thank you in any way you prefer. Just know that you are about to receive wisdom, and an attitude of gratitude is best for this.

8. As words and thoughts come into your mind, start writing. Do NOT censor, or try to make any sense ofrepparttar 122413 words as they come into your mind. You can analyze all you want when you are finished. Just write every word as fast as you can. Abbreviate words. For example: Rather than writerepparttar 122414 word “with” I write “w/.”

9. No matter what words come into your mind, write them down.

(You may not believe a lot ofrepparttar 122415 words that come to mind, (I used to think “this is bull” or “No way!” or “I don’t believe this” when I received information in writing. And yet, they ALL turned out to berepparttar 122416 truth!)

Taking Back Your Power in Health Care

Written by Dave Lappin

Taking Back Your Power in Health Care

I was dismayed recently to see an article onrepparttar front page ofrepparttar 122408 USA Today onrepparttar 122409 crisis inrepparttar 122410 cost in health care. Basically,repparttar 122411 article was asking, “Who is to blame forrepparttar 122412 continual upward spiral in health care costs.” Is itrepparttar 122413 doctors,repparttar 122414 hospitals,repparttar 122415 insurance companies orrepparttar 122416 individual needingrepparttar 122417 health care?

I was dismayed because I had just come across a book about a “medicineless hospital” in China that has been effecting miracle cures for nearly two decades withoutrepparttar 122418 use of drugs or surgery. Impossible you say? Quiterepparttar 122419 opposite! The medicineless hospital usesrepparttar 122420 science of Chinese medicine, namely Qigong (chi-kung) which are simple movements to allowrepparttar 122421 body to regain energy (chi) which leads to abundant health. In this hospital, there are nearly 4,000 - 5,000 practitioners, doctors and patients all working together to allow health to return torepparttar 122422 body naturally.

One story about this medicineless hospital relates three “chi” practitioners sending chi energy to a patient on a table that was suffering from a cancerous tumor on his bladder. Within three minutes (while this was being recorded on ultra sound and video tape)repparttar 122423 tumor simply disappeared. That day,repparttar 122424 same thing happened with five other patients suffering from tumors. A miracle you say? On only outward appearances, it would certainly seem so. But they were simply doing what millions of others in China have learned to do, heal themselves naturally. And it can cost upwards to $70 per month for treatment in this hospital. And it sanctioned byrepparttar 122425 Chinese government.

The thrust of this treatment in this medicineless hospital is self-responsibility. Instead ofrepparttar 122426 patient lying in a hospital bed,repparttar 122427 patient is actively involved inrepparttar 122428 healing process, sometimes doingrepparttar 122429 qigong exercises for upwards of eight hours a day. Many of these patients came to this hospital with life threatening illnesses only to have them disappear after a month or two. Through simple exercises and a change in their thought patterns their health returned.

After hearing of this, I wondered, why we have this crisis in health care. A day does not go by without hearing of someone afflicted with some form of cancer, diabetes, and a rash of other diseases. I believe, and have for some time, that being responsible for one’s own life will allow anyone to take back their power in regard torepparttar 122430 care of their health or any other part of their life. When it comes down to it, it isrepparttar 122431 individual’s responsibility as to whether they are healthy or not. But whenrepparttar 122432 individual is responsible for their life, in thought, word and deed, then miracles really can happen.

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