How To Raise Operating Capital

Written by John Colanzi

There are a lot of marketers eager to make money online, but lackrepparttar necessary money to get started.

If you fit in that category, you're probably sitting on funding for your new business and don't even know it.

When I started online, I had no intention of starting a business. I just wanted to clean up some ofrepparttar 117586 junk I had laying around.

I started by placing a few used books on Ebay. I set a price 1/2 of retail and hoped forrepparttar 117587 best.

The books began selling right away. I was making $5 to $10 a pop and from that experience decided to expand torepparttar 117588 newsgroups.

I hit allrepparttar 117589 groups for book sellers andrepparttar 117590 book wanted groups. Next I went to some ofrepparttar 117591 stock and investment groups and listed some ofrepparttar 117592 trading books I had laying around.

Investment books are extremely high priced and I was getting up to $75 for books and tapes.

Not bad for used books laying in my closet.

That was going so well, I decided to visitrepparttar 117593 local newsgroups for Phila. and PA.

I listed old furniture, tv's and a ton of beer signs.

The beer signs were a perfect product, because I got them free fromrepparttar 117594 beer distributors and they sold like hot cakes.

When Worlds Collide

Written by Elena Fawkner

When Worlds Collide

2002 Elena Fawkner

For many people, working from home sounds like an ideal arrangement. You don't have to waste time commuting to and fromrepparttar office, you can be home for your children when they come home from school, you don't have to answer to anyone but yourself and you can workrepparttar 117585 hours that suit YOU, not your boss. All very well in theory.

Onrepparttar 117586 other side ofrepparttar 117587 coin, though, arerepparttar 117588 challenges of working from home. Working your own hours all too often means working all hours if you don't set a workday schedule, while rowdy children can become an almighty challenge when you need to present a professional image torepparttar 117589 prospective client you're speaking with onrepparttar 117590 telephone.

The fundamental key to a successful transition to a home- based business is to keep your business and personal lives as separate as possible. Decide up front how many (and which) hours ofrepparttar 117591 day you're going to allocate to your business and stick to this schedule. What you don't get done during today's business hours can and should wait until tomorrow. Don't succumb torepparttar 117592 temptation of allowing your business to encroach on your personal and family time.

One effective way to keep your business and personal lives separate is to have separate areas ofrepparttar 117593 house for each. If at all possible, allocate a room of your house or apartment exclusively as your business office. Make sure that all members of your family understand that when you're in that room, you're working and not available except in an emergency. Likewise, don't use that room for any non-work activity such as a TV room (this is also an important point if you intend to claim your home office as a tax deduction).

By strictly separating areas in this way, you'll reinforce in your mind (andrepparttar 117594 minds of other family members) that your office is a place of business and is to be treated as such. Just as your family will learn to respect these boundaries, it will also help you to "switch off" atrepparttar 117595 end of your work day if you can literally shutrepparttar 117596 door of your office and return "home" to your family.

There is one temptation that, if indulged, can easily blurrepparttar 117597 line between your business and personal lives. That's attending to non-business tasks duringrepparttar 117598 hours you have allocated to business. Avoid leaving your office to run a load of laundry, unloadrepparttar 117599 dishwasher, cleanrepparttar 117600 bathroom or organizerepparttar 117601 kitchen cabinets ... any ofrepparttar 117602 myriad of things that can assume an almost overwhelming urgency inrepparttar 117603 face of that business task you're putting off starting. These sorts of distractions will only serve to keep you in your office much longer than necessary.

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