How To Pull More Profits From Low Traffic Websites

Written by Grady Smith

Sure, making money online with tons of traffic is easy.

But what if you donít have much traffic? Is it still possible to make a good income online?

Yes, itís possible. You just have to learn how to pull more profits fromrepparttar hits you do get. And below Iíve outlined 5 different ways Iíve pulled more profits from my sites with low traffic.

1) Increase The Price Of Your Product Or Service

Most people donít buy because of price, but rather they buy because they feelrepparttar 117562 price is worth what theyíre getting.

So, if you can justify a price increase for your service or product, you can immediately start bringing in more profits for every sale. Andrepparttar 117563 fact is, with a justified price raise your sales wonít drop off, and at times, will actually increase.

2) Back End Your Customers

Once a customer buys from you itís time to put more products in front of them.

Iíve sold ebooks and then offered resell rights later. This can bring in more profits.

Or perhaps you can offer additional books, reports, and tools that all support your main product. These can be offered over and over again.

Even if you donít haverepparttar 117564 time to create new backend products, you should still put this technique into action because ofrepparttar 117565 profits it generates. Offer products through affiliate programs. Or even better, get reprint rights to solid products so you can keep allrepparttar 117566 profits. A great place to get rights to proven products is

3) Tweak Your Sales Letter Until It Converts Better

"It Costs More to Spend Less"

Written by Holly Cotter

Almost everyone starts a home business so they can EARN money. Often, finances are tight andrepparttar temptation is to spend as little money as possible to get your business offrepparttar 117561 ground. While it's a good idea to get rid of unnecessary expenses, to build a PROFITABLE business there are certain essential items in which you MUST invest...

=> The cost of remaining active in your program.

This isrepparttar 117562 minumum monthly investment you must make to remain eligible for commissions. It makes no sense to work a business if you are not eligible to receive payment forrepparttar 117563 work you do.

=> The cost of any tools you need to work your business.

This includes long distance phone calls, autoresponders, postage, etc. If you don't spend money onrepparttar 117564 tools you need to work your business, you won't be able to perform necessary tasks and your business will come to a halt.

=> The cost for advertising.

Advertising is ESSENTIAL to building any type of business. If you don't advertise, nobody will know your product or service exists, and you will never earn a profit.

Okay, so you agree that what I've said so far makes sense but...this month money is really tight. You are thinking "What harm can it do to skip one month of advertising? I'll save some money, and next month I'll start advertising again."

This type of thinking can KILL your business! Let me give you an example from one ofrepparttar 117565 programs in which I am involved:

Monthly Program Cost: $ 60 Monthly Tools Cost: $ 25 Monthly Advertising Cost: $150 TOTAL MONTLY COST: $235

With this program, within 6 months people are atrepparttar 117566 point where all their monthly costs are covered and they are earning a profit...IF they invest $235 as outlined above EVERY month.

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