How To Properly Use Ezine Advertising - Part One

Written by Joe Bingham

Just forrepparttar sake of avoiding an argument, let's just say that ezine advertising isrepparttar 124340 best form of advertising onrepparttar 124341 Internet.

Now, let's move on to learning how to more properly make use ofrepparttar 124342 advertising available in ezines.

Essentially, and this holds true for all Internet marketing, you have two options to choose from.

OPTION #1 -- Playing The Numbers

The Internet in general is a numbers game. So long as what you are advertising is worth anything at all, there are going to be people interested in it. One option you have is simply to get an effective ad out to as many people as possible.

This option, while it's less time consuming, is also less targeted and requires more subscriber views per response than using targeted ezine advertising.

The best approach for this method is to take advantage of many ofrepparttar 124343 bulk ad buying programs being offered.

Subscriber/Ad Programs are low cost methods of getting your ad exposed to dozens of ezines and hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Some ofrepparttar 124344 best of these include:

2 Bucks An Ad

2 Dollar Ads

$10 for 20 Ads

Other programs exist that do not require you to subscribe torepparttar 124345 ezines your ad will be placed in, but still cover multiple ezines and many thousands of subscribers. Examples include:

Ad Mistress $30 Column Ad available from any ezine participating inrepparttar 124346 program. See for instance.

How To Properly Use Ezine Advertising - Part Two

Written by Joe Bingham


In part one of this series, we discussedrepparttar two options available for advertising in ezines. The first of those involved buying ads in bulk withrepparttar 124339 goal of getting exposure to as many subscribers as possible without regard to targetingrepparttar 124340 advertising.

The second option, which will be discussed here, involves a little more work, but should bring back better results per subscriber view. This option requires targeting your advertising in ezines that are more specifically related torepparttar 124341 product or business you are promoting.

The first step in targeting ezine advertising involves selectingrepparttar 124342 right ezines.

Ezine directories are excellent places to start. A good ezine directory will allow you to look through ezines by entering key words into a search. By entering words that relate to your product or opportunity, you then will be led to ezines that cover similar subjects. Since not all ezines are listed in ezine directories, however, it's a good idea to conduct a web site search as well and then look intorepparttar 124343 ezines associated with web sites that are related to your product or business.

>From there, look closer intorepparttar 124344 ezines your search uncovers by looking at a sample issue, ifrepparttar 124345 ezine directory provides one, or by visitingrepparttar 124346 web site ofrepparttar 124347 ezine, or simply by subscribing.

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