How To Properly Use Ezine Advertising - Conclusion

Written by Joe Bingham

Up until this point, we discussedrepparttar two methods of using ezine advertising, playingrepparttar 124342 numbers, and targeting. Then, we focused on targeting by discussing how to select ezines based on content and audience, and how to analyze those selected forrepparttar 124343 best advertising value.

Now, finally, we come down torepparttar 124344 actual cost of purchased advertising. How much is affordable and what is too much?

As I said in part three of this series, it just depends. I don't mean to give a misleading answer with that statement, nor do I mean to skirt aroundrepparttar 124345 subject. It's just that price is a subjective item that revolves aroundrepparttar 124346 product or opportunity you are promoting andrepparttar 124347 ezine you are promoting in.

So, while I cannot give you a simple rule to follow, I can give you a way to analyzerepparttar 124348 cost. However, there are still a BUNCH of other factors that I'll bring up afterward.

First, let's userepparttar 124349 term 'ad hits' to describerepparttar 124350 number of people that view your ad in an ezine and then answer it by either going torepparttar 124351 site you want them to or emailing to you or your auto responder.

Now, look atrepparttar 124352 following formula:

(# subscribers) x (% response) = Expected Ad Hits


1000 subscribers x 3% = 30

>From there, naturally, it depends on how many sales you get fromrepparttar 124353 ad hits you receive and how much money you make per sale. Getting 1 sale out of 30 hits is a 3.33% sales ratio.

Now, if you can do at least that, consider how much you make per sale as opposed to how muchrepparttar 124354 ad cost you. If you make $10 per sale andrepparttar 124355 ad to 1000 subscribers only cost you $5, then there's your profit of $5.

So essentiallyrepparttar 124356 equation you need to use is this one:

Income forrepparttar 124357 ad =

(# subs) x (% response from ezine) x (sales % from site) x ($ made per sale)

If that number is of greater value thanrepparttar 124358 cost ofrepparttar 124359 ad, then it's good. Of course, all of this is assuming you have an ad tracking system in place so you can seerepparttar 124360 results of your advertising in different ezines. If you don't, then either you advertise in only one ezine at a time so you can track your results, or you make groups based on ezines that are similar and you track your results as you go through different groups. This may be done by counting hits at your site, or merely by seeing what results in sales.

How To Properly Use Ezine Advertising - Part Three

Written by Joe Bingham


After having selected ezines to advertise your program in based on howrepparttar content ofrepparttar 124341 ezines relate to what you wish to advertise, there is still another process to choosingrepparttar 124342 best ezines for your marketing dollars.

Analyzingrepparttar 124343 ezines is a rather subjective process, however. There are no hard and fast rules to follow that give you a clear indication of whether or not an ezine is worthrepparttar 124344 cost. However, there is an information gathering process that can help you to make better decisions.


One important aspect is how ads are handled inrepparttar 124345 ezine itself. Where arerepparttar 124346 ads located inrepparttar 124347 ezine? Are they made visible by being placed directly between or atrepparttar 124348 start ofrepparttar 124349 articles, or are they pushed all torepparttar 124350 end ofrepparttar 124351 ezine or published separately in an ad sheet?

How many ads are run in each issue? Arerepparttar 124352 headlines ofrepparttar 124353 ads offset to attract attention, arerepparttar 124354 ads separated in some way from each other, or doesrepparttar 124355 entire ad section look like one big chunk of text?

Naturally, anythingrepparttar 124356 ezine publisher does to give visibility torepparttar 124357 ads is a plus for you as an advertiser.

SUBSCRIBERS: Who Are They and Where Did They Come From?

Don't be afraid to contactrepparttar 124358 editor, publisher, or advertising agent of an ezine and ask them some questions. Find out not only how many subscribers they have, but get their opinion of what type of markets their subscribers are interested in, AND how they get their subscribers.

Some marketing practices, such as automatically subscribing people that post to an FFA or ad site, may pull a lot of subscribers for an ezine, but result in very little readers. Ads for subs programs also have mixed results. Some stick around and readrepparttar 124359 ezine, but many don't. The best subscribers are those that are completely volunteer opt in readers.

However, many ezines use multiple means of gaining subscribers and while some use not so great methods, they may also clean their lists of non-responsive subscribers regularly. That's why it is best to ask and make a judgment based onrepparttar 124360 answer you receive. This may take some practice and trial and error, but at least if you haverepparttar 124361 information you are giving yourself something to learn from. So, ask where, how, and what type of subscribersrepparttar 124362 ezine has. Ask how effectively they retain subscribers as well. That is a good indication of many subscribers are readingrepparttar 124363 ezine and viewing it as worthwhile.

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