How To Promote the Perfect MLM Program with Safelists

Written by Bob Mobino

It's a statistically verified fact that most entrepreneurs are doomed to fail with Safelists.

You see, most marketers fail to target their ads with scientific precision.

It really doesn't matter how well-crafted your ads are when it comes to promoting products or programs in Safelists... what will *really* makes a difference to profiting from Safelists, is targeting your ads withrepparttar following variables:

=> Target your Ads *according* torepparttar 122503 "psychographic" data of Safelist-Members.

=> Endorse a Program with an Awe-Inspiring Sales Letter! [that'srepparttar 122504 most important part of your promotions.]

=> Periodically, purchase "Premium Sponsorship" to stand-out from your competition and instil more TRUST!

=> Use Safelists that haverepparttar 122505 strictest rules and have a solid record of being in business for at least 7 months.

=> Offer a FREE Bonus that is worth at least $27 in Retail Value (a digital product, software, or script.)

=> Structure your ad to appear legitimate, meaningful and "seductive"!

The Habit of MLM Success

Written by Andre Best

If there's one thing that is coming ever so clearer to me regarding a factor dictating a persons success (or not) in MLM, it's about a person's habits in life.

What kind of habits that person has about MLM will literally define repparttar level of success they have.

Think about it.

What kind of habits do you have in your everyday life? Let's look at it. Or at least write about it.

You're daily going to your work.

You get up, get dressed, have breakfast, drive to work inrepparttar 122502 same manner and route, walk to your office, sit at your desk or cubie and go about your daily routine.

You talk torepparttar 122503 same folks.

You dorepparttar 122504 same work one morning torepparttar 122505 next, generally. And then you have a break or two and then have your lunch.

You go throughrepparttar 122506 afternoon and then drive home again throughrepparttar 122507 same route and then get home and possibly kiss your spouse hello. You have supper and then maybe play withrepparttar 122508 kids or watchrepparttar 122509 television until it's bedtime and then you dream about your desired wants and startrepparttar 122510 process all over againrepparttar 122511 next day.

I ask you. How much do you really think you had, or have, to think to get through your day after day routine? I'll bet not much.


Because it's a routine.

Was it always a routine? No.

At one point you had to figure all this stuff out.

You had to determine when to get up for that new job and what you would do everyday and how you would drive there and when you would get home and when you had to go to bed to be amply rested forrepparttar 122512 next day at work.

Essentially, you had to learn your new day. And you had to learn your behavior to get you through your new daily routine.

After a while, your routine became just that. Routine. It became a habit.

You did it, and you're doing it NOW without even thinking about it.

You're just doing it.

Day after day after day after day after day.

And thenrepparttar 122513 weekend arrives and you go throughrepparttar 122514 escape from work routine untilrepparttar 122515 next workweek arrives.


Your present life.

A routine.

A routine habit.

That's how we humans operate. By learning behaviors until they become habits.

The big question with all this is what kind of habits do you have in your life today. Are they habits that are getting you what you want, or are they leading you inrepparttar 122516 opposite direction?

This isrepparttar 122517 key question to determining your success with your MLM biz. Let's discuss it further.

I'll explain and I'll keep this real simple and hopefully very clear in understanding...


You see, our lives are about habits. That'srepparttar 122518 wayrepparttar 122519 human mind works. We were programmed through repetition. This occurred to us from our birth onto this physical plane and continues to this day.

How did you learn how to walk? Through forced repetition and failure, right?

How did you learn to write anything? Repeatingrepparttar 122520 same behavior over and over and over again.

Last, how did you learn how to type on that keyboard in front of you right now? Even if you're a one-finger typing machine, you still learned and are learning through repeatingrepparttar 122521 same actions over and over until you masterrepparttar 122522 activity you're attempting to succeed at.

Okay, so we know how you get a habit. By forced repetition.

It's not rocket science and you've probably heard it stated like this elsewhere many times before. I don't profess to berepparttar 122523 originator of this thought but it is crucial to understanding how this comes about and how your mind works to create a habit.

So, let's move on to what happens IN you, or more specifically, in your mind, once this habit...the habit in question is 'mastered'.


What happens to that habit? What happens is, it disappears from sight, and almost from mind.

You see, your conscious thinking about your habit turns from being a thought or series of thoughts that you are repeating to yourself in your conscious mind aboutrepparttar 122524 action to ultimately unconscious thoughts stored in your subconscious mind.

Okay, I know. Big jump there.

I'll go more slowly.

Simply, as long as you're thinking aboutrepparttar 122525 action that you're doing, then you're working in your conscious mind. Because you actually have to keep telling yourself, your mind, what to do, you haven't yet masteredrepparttar 122526 action in question. You have to continue to think about it.

You haven't mastered it yet and you haven't made it a habit yet. A habit that you don't and no longer have to 'think' about.

But when you do enter this zone, this habitual way of thinking,repparttar 122527 habit becomes unconscious. In other words, ou no longer have to think about it.

As Nike said so perfectly many years ago...You simply 'just do it'.


You just do it.

You don't think about it.

You don't mull it over.

You don't stop yourself before you get pastrepparttar 122528 starting line.

You don't need to be externally motivated.

You don't need to listen to your doubts, hesitation, and fears and all that stuff.

You don't have to tell yourself anything consciously.

You just do it.

So who's inrepparttar 122529 drivers seat then?


Your subconscious mind.

It's now operating on automatic pilot and allowing you to automatically thinkrepparttar 122530 thoughts that causerepparttar 122531 behavior that makes you dorepparttar 122532 action without you getting inrepparttar 122533 way. Or at least having your conscious mind impeding your progress.

How do you think you can drive a car, chew gum, drink coffee, listen torepparttar 122534 radio, and giverepparttar 122535 odd personrepparttar 122536 bird who cuts in front of you onrepparttar 122537 freeway? And you do this all atrepparttar 122538 same time!

Do you think you just started out driving your car this way and you did all this without ever hurting yourself or killing someone else inrepparttar 122539 process? Of course not.

You had to 'learn'repparttar 122540 behavior. And as you mastered one aspect ofrepparttar 122541 concept of driving, you moved ontorepparttar 122542 next aspect.

Drivingrepparttar 122543 car onrepparttar 122544 way to your J.O.B.

And then listening torepparttar 122545 radio while drivingrepparttar 122546 car onrepparttar 122547 way to your J.O.B.

And then drinking coffee while listening torepparttar 122548 radio while driving repparttar 122549 car onrepparttar 122550 way to your J.O.B.

And so on and so on. Eventually, you didn't even have to think about what you were doing. You just did it.

It all became a habit.

And as you mastered a portion of that behavior you continued to add other behavior onto your activity of driving until you ultimately were doing all that stuff, atrepparttar 122551 same time you were drivingrepparttar 122552 car.

That is how your mind works. That is how your subconscious mind works.


Again, you want to tell yourself something so you have conscious thoughts in your conscious mind. You continue to tell yourself, direct yourself to do those actions with your conscious mind until those desired actions are no longer conscious.

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