How To Promote Your Home Business With Ebooks

Written by BB Lee

How To Promote Your Home Business With Ebooks! by BB Lee (C)2003

It's a fact! Giving away ebooks is one ofrepparttar easiest ways to promote your business online.

Many online entrepreneurs will agree. They've proven this time and time again with their own marketing efforts.

It's surprising that many new entrepreneurs do not know this easy and free marketers secret. So, listen closely, here'srepparttar 117278 inside scoop:

Many successful online marketers discovered early in their career they could easily write a brief ebook on an interesting subject. Withinrepparttar 117279 ebook they could include links back to their website, their affiliate programs, along with info about their business. Soon they learned this marketing tactic reached thousands of potential customers without even spending a penny on advertising.

Here's How!

They simply encouragedrepparttar 117280 readers to downloadrepparttar 117281 ebook and give copies to their friends, family, or online associates. Everyone!

This is free viral marketing that is catching on like wild fire acrossrepparttar 117282 Internet!


Because it works fast! After using this advertising method you will see an immediate increase in website traffic. And of course more traffic will lead to more customers, more sales, more profits.

So, you're wondering how to get started? What to write about? Write about anything you think would interest your targeted audience.

The information must be unique and of course valuable. Don't fill your ebook with zillions of links back to your affiliate program or raves about your business. You want fresh, unique, information that will capturerepparttar 117283 readers attention and motivate them to visit your website. You certainly should avoid turning them off with blatant sales pitches withinrepparttar 117284 covers of your ebook before they are familiar with your website or businesss.

Subjects that quickly capture readers attention might include money topics, frugal methods, starting a business, time management, success tips. And I am sure you can think of at least a dozen more. Open your text editor. Jot down several areas you would like to cover on a topic you know about and label these topics your chapters. Make your giveaway ebook brief, unique, informative.

12 Ways To Strengthen Your Visitors Trust In You

Written by Ken Hill

1. Publish testimonials on your site from your satisfied customers.

Ask your customers if you can use their comments complimenting your products or customer service on your site.

You can also ask for your customers feedback on your site to garner more testimonials as well as to get valuable suggestions about your product.

If you would like to get testimonials from other experts consider giving your colleagues a complimentary copy of your product in exchange for a review.

2. Make your ad copy personable. Try writing your ad copy as if you are writing to a friend.

3. Don't make exaggerated claims or promises in your copy.

Focus onrepparttar benefits your product or service will provide to your visitor but keep your copy truthful as well as hard hitting.

4. Include an "about us" page on your site that tells your visitors about you and your company.

5. Publish your privacy policy on your site. Assure your visitors thatrepparttar 117277 information that you collect from them will not be shared or sold to anyone.

6. Use a secure server to process your transactions.

Walk your visitors throughrepparttar 117278 purchasing process, making it as simple as possible. Let people that are new torepparttar 117279 internet know they have nothing to fear from ordering from you.

Also have a system in place that allows you to instantly notify your customers that you have received their order, that thanks them for purchasing from you, and that gives them information about contacting you if they have any questions or problems.

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