How To Prioritize And Grow Your Home-Based Business

Written by Ken Leonard Jr.

"How To Prioritize And Grow Your Home-Based Business" By Ken Leonard, Jr. 2002 KLJ Online Life is all about making choices, and setting priorities. You have made a choice to get away fromrepparttar "work at a job" world, to pursue making a living at home using your PC, or you wouldn't be reading this right now. Once a choice is made, your priorities must be organized to to fully supportrepparttar 117527 choice. Are your actions helping you achieve your intended goal? If not, you need to look at your present situation, and decide what areas or factors can be changed to better suitrepparttar 117528 direction you wish to go. Since making a living from home always involves advertising of your product or service, your ad budget should be atrepparttar 117529 top of your priority list. Adjusting your finances, doing away with non-essential costs, will allow you to spend money on things like educational materials, websites, domain names, and business services that will give you a return on your investment. The only way to learnrepparttar 117530 "Ins and Outs" of making a living from home is to studyrepparttar 117531 people and info products that will make your goals happen. There are quality, essential info products available online that are must-haves if you plan to succeed. There is also a lot of garbage going aroundrepparttar 117532 'net. Doing your homework and reading recommendations from other successful home-based entrepreneurs can help you to findrepparttar 117533 info that will help you greatly, not wasting your time and money. It's all about learning fromrepparttar 117534 top dogs that are making a living online. One great place to start isrepparttar 117535 awesome online marketing member-only website owned by Terry Dean. NetBreakthroughs is a virtual diary of Terry's marketing efforts, testing, successes and failures. It is one ofrepparttar 117536 most respected online marketing member sites onrepparttar 117537 internet. His online marketing forum is one ofrepparttar 117538 best onrepparttar 117539 web.

7 Ways To Win "The Time Crunch"

Written by Ken Leonard Jr.

7 Ways To Win "The Time Crunch" By Ken Leonard Jr. 2002 KLJ Online Are you working a "day job" while building your home-based "dream business"? Do you find it difficult to manage your time? Follow these seven tips to get more done growing your business, and haverepparttar time for other important things in your life, too. (1) Make and use a 'to-do' list daily. It's easy. Write downrepparttar 117526 tasks you need to do for today (or for tomorrow). Now, do them. Any that aren't done are placed atrepparttar 117527 top of tomorrow's list. Seeing that list at repparttar 117528 end ofrepparttar 117529 day with everything scratched-off is a great feeling. (2) Schedule your time forrepparttar 117530 day. Make note of your 'free time' (non-day job time) and set a block for each major thing that you need to do. Saverepparttar 117531 most involved tasks for your more fresh, alert time of day. Try your best to adhere torepparttar 117532 schedule, but be flexible. Don't stress out when you run out of time and are off schedule. Over time you will know how much time a task will take to complete, and can plan for it better. Remember, this is only a tool for you to set time for what you need to do. It's not intended to have a negative affect on you, but it could if you don't be realistic. (3) Do not disturb. Make sure that your most productive, task-filled period is free from interruptions. Close your office door if you have to. Plan to use this work time when household distractions will be at a minimum. Whenrepparttar 117533 kids go to their grandparent's house. When your husband shoots pool withrepparttar 117534 guys. Whenrepparttar 117535 wife goes shopping. If you have to hang a sign on your office door, do it. You'll be surprised how much more you get done. (4) Make time forrepparttar 117536 family. Quality time with your family should not be sacrificed in order to build your home business. If you make time regularly

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