How To Prevent Cat Urine Odor Damage in Rental Property

Written by Nancy E. Wigal

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Feline owners who are renters can face challenges every time they move from one rental to another. Their cat may haverepparttar 145115 best cat litter box habits inrepparttar 145116 world, but ifrepparttar 145117 new apartment has cat urine damage fromrepparttar 145118 previous tenant,repparttar 145119 cycle could be repeated. If your kitty smellsrepparttar 145120 cat urine fromrepparttar 145121 previous pet, she may take this as permission to use that spot for her cat litter box needs.

There are things that you,repparttar 145122 feline owner and renter can do to prevent this. Not only do you help keep your cat honest in her litter box habits, but this also savesrepparttar 145123 rental residence from further damage.

When applying forrepparttar 145124 new rental property, askrepparttar 145125 property manager or landlord about previous tenants' pets. If she indicatesrepparttar 145126 apartment has sheltered cats, ask ifrepparttar 145127 departing resident properly cleanedrepparttar 145128 place to eliminate any cat urine odors. Ifrepparttar 145129 landlord says no, or isn't certain, ask if you can go intorepparttar 145130 apartment for a quick look.

If you gain access, userepparttar 145131 best piece of equipment you have: your nose. Stand still insiderepparttar 145132 door, and sniff carefully. If it smells cat urine-free, move throughrepparttar 145133 rest ofrepparttar 145134 apartment and repeat at intervals. If you smell anything remotely like cat urine odor, look around to see if you can findrepparttar 145135 source. If you can, great - letrepparttar 145136 landlord know. If you can't see it, but you do smell it, tellrepparttar 145137 property manager it needs further investigating before you move in.

Explain torepparttar 145138 rental manager what problems could be set in motion ifrepparttar 145139 cat urine odor is not completely removed. She needs to understand that this could be a perpetual cycle, but if she getsrepparttar 145140 cat urine odor out now, it prevents damage torepparttar 145141 apartment and savesrepparttar 145142 property management company money.

Tips to Help Solve the Three Most Common Dog Barking Complaints

Written by Cynthia Alexander

Many dog owners find themselves frustrated, deeply concerned and even embarrassed by their dogís constant barking. Currently, there are approximately 63 million dogs owned by 44 million Americans. And just over one third of those owners complain of excessive barking.

Allowing your dog to bark excessively can be hazardous to itís safety. I should know, I lost my dog because of it. I found out that excessive barking is one ofrepparttar major reasons that people end up losing their dog. Itís a problem that nobody likes to talk about or admit to.

Here are some practical solutions to three ofrepparttar 145044 most common dog barking complaints.

Complaint # One: Your dog barks for more than 15 minutes continuously, or off and on for more than half an hour - especially after you leaverepparttar 145045 house. Better known as separation anxiety.

Solution: Evenrepparttar 145046 Queen of Talk herself, Oprah Winfrey suffered from this problem. The key is to not make a big deal when you are leavingrepparttar 145047 house. Many people feel guilty and start apologizing to their pooch when they have to leave it alone. Donít! That negative energy will affect your dog. Your dog can feel your stress and will play into it, causing nervous barking. How you react will dictate how your pup reacts. Leave calmly without exciting your dog. Better yet, do something to preoccupy your dog so sheís not focused on you when you are about to leave.

Complaint # Two: Outside sounds cause your dog to bark for long periods of time.

Solution: You need to do something to block out those noises. You may want to consider putting your dog in a room as far away fromrepparttar 145048 main street as possible and donít let him have free reign ofrepparttar 145049 house. And while heís in there, try turning on a radio (preferably classical music or a soft style of music) to calm your dog. Itís really true that music soothesrepparttar 145050 savage beast.

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