How To Prepare for a BIG Pay-Off When You Sell Your House

Written by Neeraj Varma

Followrepparttar steps below to get a higher price for your house:

1. Get your house ready to sell:

a. Removerepparttar 125443 clutter, starting fromrepparttar 125444 most important room inrepparttar 125445 house...the kitchen. Then move on torepparttar 125446 bathroom, closets, furniture and storage areas.

b. Fix uprepparttar 125447 house interior, but watch your spending! You'll be surprised at how quicklyrepparttar 125448 costs add up! Spend money only on items that will increaserepparttar 125449 value ofrepparttar 125450 house more than your costs. To learn how to make thousands of dollars in profit from fixing up your home go to: 

c. Fix uprepparttar 125451 exterior of your house by tidying uprepparttar 125452 yard, fixing cracks inrepparttar 125453 driveway and making surerepparttar 125454 windows and doors open easily. Spray WD40 on all hinges. Also, check thatrepparttar 125455 exterior lights and doorbell work. Power-washingrepparttar 125456 driveway and porch can do wonders.

2. Select a realtor who is willing to learn why your house is worth more thanrepparttar 125457 competition. Interview several realtors until it becomes obvious who knows their stuff and who doesn't. Since a house is usuallyrepparttar 125458 biggest investment in most people's lives, there could be some intense moments inrepparttar 125459 negotiation process. Be sure you feel comfortable withrepparttar 125460 realtor as a person.

3. Set a starting price andrepparttar 125461 lowest price you will accept. If you have lots of time to sell your house, you can startrepparttar 125462 price slightly higher than market value. If your start price is too high, your house won't sell, orrepparttar 125463 bank won't finance it. If you reducerepparttar 125464 listing price later, other realtors will think there is something wrong with your house and will only bring bargain hunters. A realistic price isrepparttar 125465 best place to start.

Didn't You Know

Written by Gary Revel

I thought I told you Maybe I didn't Maybe I didn't cause I didn't know

Didn't you know

I thought you knew it Maybe you didn't Maybe you didn't, you Just didn't know

But I takerepparttar blame for it all

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