How To Point a Satellite Dish

Written by Kate Ivy and Gary Davis

How to Point a Satellite Dish

By Kate Ivy and Gary Davis

Webmasters: You may reprint this article in its entirety, providing you leaverepparttar Byline and Aboutrepparttar 138198 Author sections intact, includingrepparttar 138199 links to Dish Network Satellite TV and Ivygirl Media & Design. In order to enjoy maximum results from your satellite dish, you need to be sure itís receivingrepparttar 138200 best possible signal. Where you point your satellite then, becomes an all-important step in getting great reception. But how does one point a satellite dish?

In truth, pointing your satellite dish isnít as hard as you might think, but you will need to know a few things:

Azimuth which refers torepparttar 138201 horizontal measurement of a direction from North to East. In terms of your satellite dish, it tells you how far left or right your satellite should go.

Your altitude or elevation, gives your satellite dish its heading, telling it how far aboverepparttar 138202 horizon it needs to go.

And finally,repparttar 138203 polarization. Also known asrepparttar 138204 ďskewĒ, Polarization refers torepparttar 138205 adjustment needed forrepparttar 138206 curvature ofrepparttar 138207 Earth. This rotational adjustment compensates forrepparttar 138208 Earthís curvature betweenrepparttar 138209 dish andrepparttar 138210 beam ofrepparttar 138211 satellite.

Broadband Router - Let's share your Internet Connection

Written by Giles Essame

Withrepparttar increase of families wanting to share their broadband connection, more and more non-technical consumers are failing in common traps that could easily be avoided.

Simple and Easy Fortunately in America,repparttar 137505 majority of ISPís (Internet Service Providers) offer an Ethernet Cable or DSL modem with their service allowing forrepparttar 137506 consumer to just buy a piece of hardware called a Cable/DSL router (better known as a Broadband router), plug this inrepparttar 137507 modem and hey presto. After some initial configuration your computers will be happily sharingrepparttar 137508 broadband connection.

Acrossrepparttar 137509 Pond Europe, especially inrepparttar 137510 UK has a different approach to America on how our Broadband connections are presented. The main penetration of Broadband within Europe is ADSL upon were nearly allrepparttar 137511 ISPís bundle in a free USB ADSL Modems with their service. A free modem is a good deal but there is a catch! USB ADSL modems are good for using your broadband connection with 1 computer but they are bad when it comes to sharing your connection. Due torepparttar 137512 USB modems limitations, some ISP takerepparttar 137513 approach to exploitrepparttar 137514 consumerís lack of knowledge by cleverly advertising their low end broadband packages can only be used with one computer. Ifrepparttar 137515 consumer decides they want to share their broadband connection then they are normally duped into upgrading to a more expensive monthly package that apparently supports sharing whererepparttar 137516 previous low end package doesnít - This is not entirely true. The hardware might not support sharing butrepparttar 137517 actual broadband line doesnít care if you perform sharing. The truth is any type of broadband connection will allow you to share if you haverepparttar 137518 right hardware.

Broadband Routers Any type of broadband connection will allow you to share withrepparttar 137519 right hardware. Youíre looking to share your broadband connection then? What you need is a router. Routers allow you to simultaneously share your connection among multiple computers. Asrepparttar 137520 router supports any operating system, you can happily use your Mac, Linux, Windows computers withrepparttar 137521 router. One ofrepparttar 137522 most attractive aspects ofrepparttar 137523 router is that itís a stand alone piece of hardware that takes control of your broadband connection. This eliminatesrepparttar 137524 need forrepparttar 137525 main PC to be switched on forrepparttar 137526 other computers to accessrepparttar 137527 Internet. Another main benefit with routers is they offer Internet protection byrepparttar 137528 means of SPI firewalls. These firewalls aid inrepparttar 137529 prevention of malicious hackers gaining access to your home computers.

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