How To Plan Your Move With Full Service Movers

Written by Ispas Marin

Plan Your Move The moving process should be started early because that's not something that happens overnight. This process takes a lot of planning and sometimes is quite time consuming. The moving expetience doesn't only mean that you move your belongings from one place to anotherm it means starting a life in a new place.

Below you'll find a list of things to do inrepparttar three weeks beforerepparttar 146328 date you have chosen to makerepparttar 146329 move, these are just highlights of things that are omportant:

Three Weeks Before Your Move

- You will be amased atrepparttar 146330 amount of items you can pack when moving. So, since more items mean more money, holding a garage sale or makeing a donation to charty might be a wise thing to do.

- Make a list of everything you are bringing to your new home. Even though many moving companies take an inventory of all your belongings you are transporting, it is a great idea to keep your own list in order to make a smooth transition from your old home to your new home. - Many moving companies create an inventory of all your goods but even though you might want to create your own in order make sure thatrepparttar 146331 transition will be an easy one. - For insurance purposes, checkrepparttar 146332 value of your belongings. - Make sure family and friends know about your move and your new address. Fill a change of adress form. - Tellrepparttar 146333 IRS aboutrepparttar 146334 change of address. - In case you are moving in another state, learn about insurance and auto licensing. - Your kids records should be transferred to their new schools so notifirepparttar 146335 schools. - If you will travel by aiplane makerepparttar 146336 reservations.


Written by dr charmaine saunders

Are you happy? This question is likely to bring either a defensive response like `Of course I am!í or a bemused reply of , `No, should I be?í Happiness is such a simple, natural concept and yet it seems so hard forrepparttar average person to attain. Most os us are really bad at being happy! Why on earth should this be so? Firstly, letís explode some myths and then we can look at some strategies for allowing happiness into our lives. Myths about happiness: *Happiness is somewhere `out thereí and we have to find it *Itís associated with goals, places, people, events *I can GET happiness and MAKE others happy too *Happiness is basically unattainable and certainly fleeting *It has to be earned. *Itís elusive and inrepparttar 146105 future somewhere *You need a reason to be happy. Sounds familiar? Happiness lives within us, never outside of us. Therefore, it cannot come from external sources. The joy we get from things outside isrepparttar 146106 cream onrepparttar 146107 cake, an extra bonus but it can never berepparttar 146108 whole story. Relying on people, places and events to make us happy isrepparttar 146109 ultimate fantasy. It can only bring transitory pleasure and disappointment inrepparttar 146110 end. There is no need to try to get happiness because it is your natural birthright. It exists deep within you like a constant well-spring - infinite, always available, powerful. Imagine knowing that you can be happy at any time and forever, without having to do anything to earn it or make it happen. As happiness is linked torepparttar 146111 life-source energy, like sexuality, creativity, spirituality and joy, it rests inrepparttar 146112 individual and therefore, cannot be bestowed by one person on another. This is one of our greatest myths - that we can make each other happy. At best, it is a romantic illusion created by songs, literature and popular culture. At worst, it causes a great deal of societyís heartache as this mistaken idea is taken into marriage and other relationships where it can only be ground into dust byrepparttar 146113 heavy foot of disillusionment. The saddest part is that we donít need to suffer if only we are prepared to accept responsibility for our own happiness. It works both ways. If no-one has to make you happy, neither do you have to do it for others. Think how liberating that is! It isnít selfish or uncaring because as you feel your own happiness, youíll have more to share with others, anyway.

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