How To Pass Exams

Written by A K Whitehead

How To Pass Exams by A K Whitehead

In modern society passing educational examinations becomes an increasingly important and essential means to a better job and improved living standards.

The structure and nature of all examinations are things we cannot change to suit ourselves. Hence we need to find ways of dealing effectively with them - ways of making their systems and requirements actually work for us.

There are ways of doing this andrepparttar following can be successfully used by anyone studying for any examinations because exams usually have certain key common elements.

Check Out The Syllabus As an examinee, you have to abide by certain rules and constraints. The time length ofrepparttar 109387 exam, how many question you have to answer, and so forth.

Butrepparttar 109388 examiners also have to abide by certain rules - and they cannot change them (at least not without adequate notice) any more than you can! They have to publish a syllabus for every examination and they can only ask questions on what is contained within that syllabus. Once you know repparttar 109389 syllabus, you know whererepparttar 109390 starting and finishing lines are and how far you have to run

Moreover, all parts ofrepparttar 109391 syllabus are not equal: some parts of it are more equal than others. Some topics will hardly ever be questioned while others will come up every year. Highlightrepparttar 109392 syllabus using two colours: red, say, for those areas that come up very frequently; green for those which rarely come up. Do this only after a systematic inspection of past exam papers, asrepparttar 109393 next section will explain.

Then use a third colour to highlight those (hopefully very few) parts ofrepparttar 109394 syllabus which you have really serious difficulty with. Providing these parts are not numerous, and depending on how often they come up, it may be possible to leave them on one side. But do use sense and judgement in doing this!

Whatever You Are Studying, First Study The Exam Papers Studying past examination papers is almost as crucial as studyingrepparttar 109395 subject you have chosen!

Get hold of as many past papers as you can. The more you haverepparttar 109396 better you will be able to discern any patterns. Draw up a grid on A4 paper. Dividerepparttar 109397 top horizontally into years - as many as you have past papers for plus one forrepparttar 109398 year in which you are going to sitrepparttar 109399 exam

Secrets Of Successfully Sitting Exams

Written by A K Whitehead

Many people work hard studying various subjects to sit for examinations in them. Fine. Hard work is usually a necessary condition for passing exams. Unfortunately it does not follow that it is a sufficient condition! Exam technique can be almost equally as important. It can make allrepparttar difference between success and failure or between poor grades and good grades.

As students, we often complain aboutrepparttar 109386 examination system. That is usually because we feelrepparttar 109387 pressure of an uncertain outcome. But like all systems we need to understand its mechanics in order to make it work for us.

What follows is largely concerned with exams needing written answers, rather than mathematically-based subjects.

Frustrating Examiners This section applies as much to writing course work as to examination answers

When you consider writing essays, also considerrepparttar 109388 person who will have to read them. He/she has a psychology. Make it work for you, not against you. Most examiners do their job well and effectively but...

Exam assessors usually have a mountain of scripts to wade through. They like to get through them faster rather than slower, with relative ease rather than difficulty. When they find a script which facilitatesrepparttar 109389 two former objects, they are delighted and their disposition towardsrepparttar 109390 writer soars.

A great frustration is caused by having to intorepparttar 109391 essay to discover whether or notrepparttar 109392 student has given a correct or acceptable answer. Sometimes this job is very difficult. The examiner has to re and rereadrepparttar 109393 essay to discover what is actually being said. Sometimes an actual decision has to be made byrepparttar 109394 examiner as to whether a correct answer has, in fact, been given, becauserepparttar 109395 composition is so obtuse.

Some method is needed which will avoid this situation and which will improverepparttar 109396 examiner's disposition towardsrepparttar 109397 writer.

Writing Effectively Writing effectively in exams is really not that difficult. There is a simple technique which can be used and adopted to virtually every type of question.

The technique is to divide your essay into three (unequal) parts: 1. An introduction 2. An expansion of 1; 3. A conslusion. Numbers 1 and 3 are quite short and basically sayrepparttar 109398 same thing except in rather different ways.

1. is critical and is a short version ofrepparttar 109399 answer. This letsrepparttar 109400 examiner know immediately that you know what you are talking about. It require slight differences of emphases depending onrepparttar 109401 actual wording ofrepparttar 109402 question.

For example, a question which asks something like "What arerepparttar 109403 factors which influence..." needs an introductory answer which starts something like: "The factors which influence so-and-so are... " And you mention them in descending order of importance. A question ofrepparttar 109404 type: "Discuss such-and-such..." needs an answer which starts something like: "When discussing such-and-such one needs to take account of..." and then mentionrepparttar 109405 major points which you consider to be important and which you are going to discuss.

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