How To Parlay Any Multi-Level Program Into A Million Dollars

Written by Jay Harris

Multi-level marketing is definitelyrepparttar way to go for people aspiring to have more than just enough to get by on.

The thing to do is to learn all you can about this method of selling how it works, and why it works--and then to get going with a multi-level marketing program that can accumulate a fortune for you. Make no mistake about it, multi-level marketing has made a lot of people very rich already, and will make a lot more people even richer inrepparttar 148184 coming years.

Multi-level marketing is based uponrepparttar 148185 idea of each person involved selling only to his or her friends, with each of these people in turn, introducing their friends intorepparttar 148186 program. It's definitely an "endless chain" idea that has unlimited money-making potential.

Theoretically, everybody knows or comes into contact with an average of 100 different people each week. If only 10 of those people were to give you $10 per week, you would have an income of $100 per week. And then, if these people were to duplicate your efforts, passing back to you, $1 for each new person they enlisted intorepparttar 148187 program, and then each person recruited perpetuatedrepparttar 148188 program, you income would soon be astronomical!

Undoubtedly, you've heardrepparttar 148189 story of how you can become rich simply by saving a penny a day, and doubling it each day for 30 days. and then, there arerepparttar 148190 pyramid or chain letter schemes that we've all been offered. Multi-level marketing, in principle, worksrepparttar 148191 same way, withrepparttar 148192 only difference being inrepparttar 148193 product offered for sale.

All of these programs work to some degree--because there are government restrictions and laws againstrepparttar 148194 perpetuation of these ideas--most of them make a big splash when they are first introduced, and then quickly die out. However,repparttar 148195 concept of initiating a program that sells itself via an endless chain will always be popular because it holdsrepparttar 148196 promise of bringing riches if onlyrepparttar 148197 chain isn't broken.

So, multi-level marketing appeals to everybody because it's an opportunity for allrepparttar 148198 participants to get rich with a minimum investment, and very little time or effort or involvement.

It works because everybody wants to become rich. it's an idea that anyone--regardless of education, background or basic financial status--can perpetuate fromrepparttar 148199 privacy of his or her own home.

The basic fallacy of multi-level marketing is inrepparttar 148200 number of people each individual participant can easily enlist intorepparttar 148201 program. After you've talked to all your relatives, your neighbors, co-workers, and friends across town, you're more or less stymied as to new people to bring intorepparttar 148202 program.

The bottom line is simply that you cannot recruit everybody you talk to--in fact, if you enlist 10% ofrepparttar 148203 people you attempt to interest inrepparttar 148204 program, you'll be doing very well. You're going to get some rejections, and these rejections are basically what turns most people off--deflates their ego, drains their enthusiasm, and inrepparttar 148205 end, isrepparttar 148206 primary reason they drop out.

Regardless of what you sell, you must always have a gaol in mind--you intend to sell 10 units of a product or recruit 10 new people into your program between now andrepparttar 148207 first ofrepparttar 148208 month. you've got to believe that you can do it--want to do it--and then get out and beatrepparttar 148209 bushes until you do it! Once you've achieved this first gaol, you should take a day off and reward yourself with a night onrepparttar 148210 town orrepparttar 148211 splurging you've always wanted.

But then, after setting a goal for yourself, and then proving that you can achieve it, you should set a new gaol for yourself-- if you recruited 10 new people into your program last month, then this month, you're going to bring in 15 new members.

You're going to makerepparttar 148212 really big money in multi-level marketing by selling "business start-up kits," and not really from spending time inspiring or motivatingrepparttar 148213 people you've already brought intorepparttar 148214 program. In other words, sellrepparttar 148215 program to as many people as possible, and count onrepparttar 148216 motivational/money-making opportunities with-in your dealer start-up kit to cause them to put forthrepparttar 148217 effort to get out and try to make some money on their own. Inrepparttar 148218 end, and asrepparttar 148219 old saying goes: you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink it--any time and or energy spend "calling back" onrepparttar 148220 people you've already sold, is going to cost you money and limit your gross income. To be successful in selling--and this isrepparttar 148221 secret to multi-level riches--you must present your program to as many people as possible. Closerepparttar 148222 sale with your first presentation, and letrepparttar 148223 buyer either get with it, or die from his own lack of initiative.

It's as simple as that--the more people you present your program to,repparttar 148224 more sales you're going to make. Don't worry aboutrepparttar 148225 people who have already bought from you--they either will or they won't and there's nothing you can do about it.

Obviously, if you spend all your time onrepparttar 148226 telephone inviting people over to a Special Opportunity Party at your house, and then another 3 -hours presenting your program to them, it's going to take you a long time to present your program to 10,000 people and make $10,000...

And, your costs to rent a hall--advertise--and present a seminar progarm--will amount to more than you take in. If you haverepparttar 148227 initial promotional abilities,repparttar 148228 credit and/or cash, and a really dynamic program--you can make it big, and quickly, by staging seminar-type meetings atrepparttar 148229 rate of 3 to 5 per week. Still, this is expensive and time consuming-- a lot of work on your part, and notrepparttar 148230 easiest, most profitable way to go.

The only logical way to go--to reach as many people as possible forrepparttar 148231 least amount of money and effort on your part--is viarepparttar 148232 mails. In other words,repparttar 148233 marrying of your multi-level marketing efforts to mail order will berepparttar 148234 least expensive and most profitable for you.

You can spend out 50,000 sales letters and multi-level program brochures in one month, and theoretically make $50,000 from an expenditure of $10,000 or less--a return of $5 for every dollar invested, which isn't bad...

Here's our recommendation:

1) Write a short, one-page report outliningrepparttar 148235 basic Success Secrets of muli-level marketing. You can tag-line this report with an invitation forrepparttar 148236 readers to send for a complete or more detailed manual or tape relative to multi-level how-to; a directory or current listing of money-making multi-level programs; or even a listing of other reports relative to money-making home-based businesses you have for sale.

2) Once you have such a report,repparttar 148237 next thing for you to do is advertise. Write an ad such as: FREE REPORT!... Money-making secrets of multi-level marketers. SASE to Your name, address, city, state, zip.

3) Place this ad in one ofrepparttar 148238 national publications carrying lots of mail order advertisements--such as The National Inquirer, American Business, Money-making Opportunities, Entrepreneur, Income Opportunities, Speciality Salesman or any one ofrepparttar 148239 hundreds of other such publications. It is our recommendation that you contract to run such an ad over three issues. This will give your ad maximum exposure, and should result in an overwhelming number of responses for you.

How To Choose A Multi-Level Marketing Winner

Written by Jay Harris

The idea of using a multi-level marketing program to produce extra income - to attain total financial freedom - has taken North America by storm! More and more people from north to south, and from east to west are looking around, and attempting to find a real winner.

The problem is, multi-level marketing companies are sprouting up all overrepparttar place, and there's just too many of them to keep up with, forrepparttar 148183 average extra-income opportunity seeker. This makesrepparttar 148184 choice ofrepparttar 148185 best one or ones to "hook up with" a frustrating and time-consuming process.

Before you "hook up with" any multi-level company, we advise you to run through this check-list.

Think aboutrepparttar 148186 product. Is it a product that you would use regularly, and freely recommend to your friendsÉIs it lower-prices, more convenient to use than similar products available elsewhere, particularly atrepparttar 148187 stores in your area. And finally, what about delivery - How much of a time interval is involved from when your customer orders until he receivesrepparttar 148188 product.

Find out as much aboutrepparttar 148189 operation as you possibly can. Beware of chain letters, pyramid scams, and exorbitant claims relative to distributor profits. Be sure to find out exactly what you'll be getting in return for your initial sign-up fee. Make surerepparttar 148190 company provides you with professional sales aid materials, and that they're reasonably priced - many MLM companies rake in tremendous profits just selling brochures and/or other sales literature - check with your local printing outlets and determine your actual cost. Find out aboutrepparttar 148191 company's financial backing and corporate officers - are they in it as full-time professional sales people. Be sure to understand/know howrepparttar 148192 company keep track of allrepparttar 148193 incoming orders and when, as well as how, you'll be paid.

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