How To Overcome Stuck States

Written by Saleem Rana

Although many of us use self-help tools like affirmations, visualizations, NLP techniques, and spiritual invocations, we sometimes find that nothing happens. This, to sayrepparttar least, is disheartening.

After many years as a psychotherapist, I found thatrepparttar 122179 brain can be compared to a computer. Sincerepparttar 122180 computer was founded to replicate some ofrepparttar 122181 features of our brains,repparttar 122182 analogy also worksrepparttar 122183 other way.

In a computer, a corrupted file, a virus, or any other type of malignant software is sufficient to slowrepparttar 122184 computer down, create frequent crashes, and cause difficulties in opening certain files.

In a brain, a negative decision based on some troubling event is sufficient to create internal resistance. This resistance is unconscious and often defiesrepparttar 122185 most valiant efforts byrepparttar 122186 conscious mind to defeat it.

While working in therapy or holistic practice is an excellent way to overcome blockers, internal feedback loops that prevents forward progress, it isn’t always convenient and affordable to findrepparttar 122187 right person when you need him or her.

What do we do to move forward when we feel stuck? How do we debugrepparttar 122188 brain? And how do we do it on our own?

In pondering this question, I came across this marvelous technique by Karol Truman in her amazing book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die…

She has created a script that speaks to your unconscious mind using a spiritual perspective. It’s deliberately convoluted and confusing torepparttar 122189 conscious mind so thatrepparttar 122190 unconscious gets to work. Also, you don’t feel anything after you’re done, since it’s belowrepparttar 122191 radar of your usual awareness.

Letting go and Letting Be

Written by Tony Cuckson

“Speaking words of wisdom, “Let it Be”

Paul McCartney

In Corrogue it is frosty.

The earth is heard and unyielding. This reminds me of how our hearts often become. They become cold and we ourselves become frosty. The flow of our energy is blocked. “The soft animal of our body” which is mostly water becomes hard, unmoving and unyielding. Then we enter “times of trouble.”

These words “Times of trouble” are fromrepparttar beautiful song penned by Paul McCartney entitled “Let it Be.” This song goes as follows:-

“When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom, “Let it Be.”

Often when we find ourselves in “times of trouble”repparttar 122178 last thing we want to do is “let it be.” We want it to be fixed. We want it not to berepparttar 122179 way it is right now. We are like Briar Rabbit who fights withrepparttar 122180 Tar Baby. The more we fightrepparttar 122181 more entangled we become.

One ofrepparttar 122182 greatest lessons in life isrepparttar 122183 lesson of “letting it be.” This is a lesson fromrepparttar 122184 energy ofrepparttar 122185 Divine feminine. In this songrepparttar 122186 energy ofrepparttar 122187 Divine feminine is represented by Mother Mary. It could as well be any other wondrous representation ofrepparttar 122188 Divine feminine. In China it might be Quan Ying. In Ireland it might be St Bridget. In Tibet it might berepparttar 122189 Goddess Tara. In all times and all cultures she comes to those in trouble if they are allowing.

Often in times of trouble we arerepparttar 122190 ones who create our own trouble.

We have not learnedrepparttar 122191 art of non-attachment. This is a great art. It is a lifetimes practice inrepparttar 122192 avoidance of suffering. Inrepparttar 122193 West we think non-attachment means non-feeling. Essentially it means disinterest. It does not mean you do not care. You can care greatly but be detached fromrepparttar 122194 outcome. Dorepparttar 122195 best you can do and then let be and let go.

Detachment allows for love inaction.

This is allowingrepparttar 122196 free flow ofrepparttar 122197 energy of your body to express inrepparttar 122198 way it needs. Detachment requires trust and deeper trust. It isrepparttar 122199 surrender of any outcome torepparttar 122200 grace ofrepparttar 122201 Beloved. You simply do not get entangled inrepparttar 122202 way something turns out. Inrepparttar 122203 vast scheme of things how are you to know.

If you worry you attract worry. If you are anxious you attract anxiety. You are a conduit forrepparttar 122204 energy that you put out. We create your own world. We are all fields of energy vibrating in a vast network of eternal energy. This isrepparttar 122205 eternal energy of love. We call this byrepparttar 122206 name God, Goddess, or maybe Universal mind. It doesn’t matter what you call it as it is only "what it is."

Often in “times of trouble” we do not allowrepparttar 122207 answers to come to us. The heart has hardened andrepparttar 122208 flow of wisdom ofrepparttar 122209 Divine feminine is blocked. Mother Mary is there waiting. Quan Yin andrepparttar 122210 Goddess Tara are there waiting. They are always there waiting. It is part of our journey to “be open.” We learn to “let go” and “let God.”

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