How To Optimize Your Online Time Through Efficient Computer Use

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

Save your precious time and efforts by optimizing your computer usage skills. Here are a few tips for you (Window Users):

-The `Ctrl plus F` keys bring uprepparttar `find` function. Particularly useful when reading e-mails you need to findrepparttar 107901 Ad Code, Ad published twice etc. Also good for find requirements in word documents.

-The `Ctrl plus N` keys open up a new window. Excellent when reading emails, you need to visit some other link without exiting your email program. Or you need to open two e-mails inrepparttar 107902 same account atrepparttar 107903 same time, or compose a reply withrepparttar 107904 email open in front of you. Or..repparttar 107905 possibilities are endless.

OH! The aggravation of it all

Written by Vern Anderson

Have you ever had one of those days when you just felt like chucking your computer outrepparttar window and forgetting you ever owned it.**

Today was another one for me. It seems they are coming more frequently.**

First: cannot connect to isp. Gettingrepparttar 107900 message,repparttar 107901 computer you are dialing cannot be found. Funny it was there when I shut down last nite.**

Shutrepparttar 107902 computer down and re-start, finally it hooks up. Oh no none of my sites are working today. Seems my web host has problems also.**

Fired off email to web host, but they are not even receiving email. Oh my God, what if they went belly up.**

I have all my sites with one web host to get better pricing. Problem is if they are having problems all my sites are down.**

What if someone clicks on one of my ads and my site doesn't come up? What willrepparttar 107903 think of me, will they ever click on one of my ads again?**

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