How To Obtain Our True Integrity?

Written by Ina Bliss

Humanity is going through a nightmare.


They are hypnotized with untruths, in an unconscious sleep. One can only experience nightmares, when asleep.

We must wake up!



See what?

That we ARE loved & appreciated. That is our natural state. We ARE perfect, and we live under Grace. All this does NOT depend upon what we ‘own’, or what we ‘look like’.

We ARE pure & rich.

How can that be proved?

By standing outside of our bodies and observingrepparttar false ‘self’.

The false ‘self’ is a monster, an ‘IT’.

What isrepparttar 113248 monster? It consists of ‘vanity’ (the need for approval), ‘sadness/criticism’ (living fromrepparttar 113249 point of how things ‘should be’), ‘anger’ (fear of being hurt), ‘depression’ (emptiness caused by our attachment to things and people), etc.

The monster gets bigger as long as we ‘feed’ it with any attention to which we attach ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ judgment. As soon as we just look atrepparttar 113250 monster, it will turn around and walk away, for it has nothing to feed on and gets bored with us.

The best things in life really are free!

Written by Jennifer Kadamus

The best things in life really are free!!!

Who ever said you couldn't get something for nothing sure was wrong. My husband likes to call merepparttar "Freebie Queen" because one of my all time favorite hobbies is searching for things that I can receive for free. Well you can begin to fill your mailbox with free goodies too all that is required of you is a little bit of time and research. I have received loads of free goodies overrepparttar 113247 past few years including product samples, full sized bottles of shampoo, diapers, baby formula, cosmetics, oral hygiene products, magazine subscriptions, coupons for free products...repparttar 113248 list is almost endless. If you have spent any amount of time onrepparttar 113249 internet I am sure you have seen all ofrepparttar 113250 freebie sites that are out there these days. There are literally thousands of them. But reallyrepparttar 113251 only real great places to get legitimate freebies are message boards that pertain to bargains, coupons, or sales. Just do a search for "coupon message boards" or "freebie forums" Most boards like those will have a very up to date freebie section where members post what they have found. Most members of a very active board have verified that they have gotten whatever freebie it is that they are posting so in a sense they have already done most ofrepparttar 113252 work for you. All you have to do if you find a freebie that catches your eye is go sign up for it, then wait for your freebie to arrive. After a while you will start to notice that your mailbox is filling up more and more. One word of caution before you go searching for your freebies. If you find something that is offered for free but you must sign up for a certain offer like a credit card application or a trial membership somewhere, or even a newsletter subscription DO NOT DO IT! Those are scams and you will never see any type of reward. Also you should never have to pay any type of fee like a shipping charge for something advertised as free. Another great way to possibly get full sized products or coupons for full sized products is go to a company's website and give some feedback aboutrepparttar 113253 products they offer. For instance I once purchased one of those plug in air fresheners and when I got it home to install it, I had foundrepparttar 113254 fragrance oil had leaked all over everything else that I had purchased that day. It was a big mess so I got online and wroterepparttar 113255 company a polite letter explaining to them what had happened. 2 weeks later I received an envelope with coupons for 4 free air fresheners. If you spend money on a product and are not satisfied with it do not be afraid to speak up, you will be heard and probably compensated quite well too. Give companies compliments as well they love to hear from consumers. If you really like a product let them know about it, you never know what you might get in return for your kind words.

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