How To Move Out Of The Inner Circle

Written by John Colanzi

Have you ever noticed that when a new program is announced, within days every email you receive seems to be promotingrepparttar same offer?

It's no coincidence. The creators ofrepparttar 117631 program know that they can get a fast circulation by contacting ezine publishers and other marketers with large in house lists.

Byrepparttar 117632 time you receiverepparttar 117633 notice, most ofrepparttar 117634 cream has already been skimmed offrepparttar 117635 top. But there's a way to get around this and market to a virtually untapped market.

This market is largely being ignored byrepparttar 117636 inner circle.

What is this market?

The part timers.

There's a large segment ofrepparttar 117637 internet, that isn't looking to "get rich." They only need a few extra dollars.

So where can you look?

** Senior Citizens

The fastest growing segment of our society isrepparttar 117638 senior citizen market. They've already retired from their jobs or sold their businesses.

They're not looking for a full time business, they just need a hobby or a few extra dollars to supplement their social security and retirement accounts.

Love Those Pots And Pans

Written by John Colanzi

Last week I told you that Getty's number one rule for getting rich was to be self employed.

His second rule was that you must have a working knowledge of your business when you start and continue to increase your knowledge of it as you go along.

There's a storyrepparttar president of our college used to tell that illustrates that point.

Dr. Sid would get up and lecture about making money in college by going door to door selling pots and pans.

When he first started out, he would him and haw and get flustered. He'd spend days on end knocking on doors and not make a sale.

One day when he was ready to give up and throw inrepparttar 117630 towel, he started readingrepparttar 117631 company literature about repparttar 117632 products.

As he began reading, he started to get excited. He learned everything there was to know about those pots and pans.

He learned how well they were crafted and how superior they were overrepparttar 117633 store bought brands.

The next time he went knocking on doors, he knew so much aboutrepparttar 117634 pots and pans, that his enthusiasm was contagious.

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