How To Model Your Own Moneymakers After Successful Headlines !

Written by Detlev Reimer

Do you always find it hard to come up with great headlines when- ever you want to start writing your ads ? If you are a bit longer in online business already, you will certainly know that feeling of emptyness in your head . But there's no need for that ...

What if you had a huge collection of headlines from which you could always withdraw ideas for your own products ? Wouldn't that make your Internet marketer's life a lot easier ? Then why don't you go for it ? Only with an excellent headline you will getrepparttar success you deserve .

Headlines Are Everywhere Around You

You are surrounded by ads and headlines everywhere you go. Pick up those headlines and phrases which you know that have run for years already (Think of Coca-Cola, Microsoft or Intel etc.) . These must be successful or they would have changed them a long time ago.... And now, analyze them :

How do they come up with their benefits ? Do they ask ques- tions torepparttar 100952 prospect ? Are they arising your curiosity ? Do they stir up your emotions ? To which ads would you respond personally ? Chooserepparttar 100953 ones that you think would make you react torepparttar 100954 offer.

Learn From Successful Headlines And Write Them Down

Write down that headline they use. And from now on, every time you see a good headline, add it to your collection and keep it withinrepparttar 100955 right category to make it easier for you to find them later. If you have a collection of, let me say more than 300 head- lines, it makes life much easier.

Try to categorize your headlines intorepparttar 100956 following examplified, most important types (this is just a tiny fraction...) :

1.) Strong guarantee Example : "If you are not completely satisfied and you don't make your initial investment back withinrepparttar 100957 next 3 months, I'll refund you every penny you paid !"

2.) Arises curiousity Example : "Are You Really Safe In Your House ? Protect Yourself And Your Family...."

3.) Uses testimonials Example : "I'm Al Green And I Must Say I Really Love This New Diet Program. I lost 4,5 Pounds Of Weight Within Just 27 days!"

A Simple 7-Step Formula For Testing Your Headlines

Written by Detlev Reimer

Do you want to know a secret ? Successful entrepreneurs are not so successful because they know everything better than you. They are successful because they TEST every advertising campaign first before they are spending "big" money on effective forms of ezine ads.

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Why do I only mention ezine ads, you might ask .... Well, placing ezine ads isrepparttar most effective form of advertising onrepparttar 100951 Internet because you can advertise exactly to your target groups.

But if you don't have a clue which of your headlines, your benefits and offers arerepparttar 100952 ones that will make you money, you might not even be able to getrepparttar 100953 money back that you have to spend on your ads.

7 Easy And Low-Cost Steps To More Effective Headlines

To be able to determinerepparttar 100954 most effective ads, you need a system. I will introduce to you one system how it can be done. Of course, there are literally hundreds of different systems that could dorepparttar 100955 job as well. But if you want to test without spending too much money, then my way of testing will be a valuable help for you.

The System Consists Of 7 Easy Steps :

1.) Write downrepparttar 100956 most important benefits of your product and concentrate onrepparttar 100957 advantages for your prospects, not your company . Just do a bit of brainstorming and see which ones immediately come into your mind.

2.) Turn them into a set of headlines (10-15) . If you sell an e-book about programming in JavaScript and one of your benefits is that even non-programmers can understand how to do it, then tell them e.g. :

"A Step-By-Step Guide Tells You Everything You Need To Know About JavaScript - If You Can Read, You Can Implement Java- Script On Your Web Site ! "

3.) Write 2-3 different versions of your ad copy. Focus on one or two other important benefits . Makerepparttar 100958 reader curious and excited about your offer. Your aim is to makerepparttar 100959 prospect click on your link !

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