How To Mine Gold From FREE Stuff!

Written by Mike Jones

This article will show you: 1. How to avoid wasting your time with FREE stuff! 2. How to identify real bargains! 3. Some top FREE programs and services

Entering "Free Stuff" in Alta Vista will yield a colossal 521,442 results. Over half a million web pages! Here are some guidelines to siftrepparttar wheat fromrepparttar 113286 chaff.

1) Beware of programs written by amateurs and enthusiasts unless you particularly enjoy experimenting with your computer. If you are running a business you probably don't haverepparttar 113287 time. Any program with very basic readme files or little or no support files I avoid likerepparttar 113288 plague. Experience has taught me they waste time trying to work out how to use them, they jam uprepparttar 113289 registry files onrepparttar 113290 computer and don't uninstall properly if at all. This kind of FREE stuff can turn your computer into a mess, degrading repparttar 113291 performance of other programs. If you do want to try them out, keep a separate partition on your hard disk dedicated for that purpose.

2) Don't get side tracked with shareware. If you are prepared to pay for programs, fine, look at shareware. After a brief trial period you will often be expected to pay for repparttar 113292 full version. Personally, I don't spend time on these unless I am looking for something specific, orrepparttar 113293 shareware program is particularly good.

3) Subscribe to one or two good lists to keep you informed of FREE stuff. I get these delivered to my mailbox every week, spend about two minutes looking throughrepparttar 113294 headings and if something really catches my eye, I investigate using repparttar 113295 criteria above. A good one is:

How to identify REAL bargains? Ifrepparttar 113296 program comes from a professional, well established company you are on to a winner. A 30 second look at their web site will tell you what kind of outfit it is. If a generous help file is supplied or if regular updates are published, you knowrepparttar 113297 program is here to stay and it is worth investing time and energy in learning it. An example is Pegasus Mail, mentioned inrepparttar 113298 top FREE programs below. I was tempted to buy Eudora Pro. I had usedrepparttar 113299 free Lite version and really liked it. Fortunately, just before I parted withrepparttar 113300 cash, I discovered Pegasus. This program does everything Eudora Pro would do for me and it is FREE. An unbelievable bargain. It is now my default mail handler.

Take a look through this list of top FREE programs and services. There is gold here:

EMAIL HANDLER Pegasus Mail is an excellent email program. Multiple signature files, multiple filters, various identities for multiple email accounts, spell check, it is all here in one easy to use program.

EMAIL MERGE WorldMerge sends personalized messages to mailing lists. A brief advertisement is included atrepparttar 113301 foot ofrepparttar 113302 message when usingrepparttar 113303 FREE version. Unless that is a major problem for you, this program is an absolute bargain!

TRAFFIC ANALYSIS A very comprehensive report is emailed to you every day giving a complete breakdown ofrepparttar 113304 visitors to your web site, their movements throughrepparttar 113305 site and where they are coming from. This information is essential for a successful marketing campaign.

Free Stuff: Email

Written by Richard Lowe

Free email services are in abundance all overrepparttar web. There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of different services to help you with your messages. Why do companies provide these services? Because they can sell advertising space, and they have several ways to do it.

- They can append a small ad to each email message which is sent or received

- They can display banners

- Their sites can issue popup windows with advertisements

Why would you want to use a free email service? Probablyrepparttar 113285 most important reason is simply to help you with spam. You can use a web based free email account to receive messages from signups to various services. Then, you can accessrepparttar 113286 account only when necessary forrepparttar 113287 service. This way, any spam messages will be directed torepparttar 113288 free mailbox, which you do not use very often if at all.

Another great reason to use these services is to be able to pick up your email from your browser. This is great for when you are traveling or on those occasions when you want to read your home email when at work (see "Is surfingrepparttar 113289 internet safe at work?")

Each ofrepparttar 113290 four basic types of email services are described below, along with some examples of some ofrepparttar 113291 free services that are available.

Web Based Email - These services allow you to retrieve, send and manage your email from your browser. In general,repparttar 113292 services are advertising (banner) supported, although most offer an ad free paid version of some kind.

Hotmail.Com The first and oldest web-based email system. Good interface, reliable and reasonably fast.

Mail.Com Probablyrepparttar 113293 best free web-based email service available. Choose from dozens of different email domains. Very easy to use and flexible. Premium service is available at a low cost.

Startrekmail Create your own Star Trek email address. Choose from many domains, including:

Yahoo Mail Another popular, nice email system. Lots of features, very reliable and fast.

POP Email Services - POP email is virtually always supplied as part ofrepparttar 113294 services you receive from your web host and ISP. Your messages are stored on a server, and you use your email client (Outlook, Outlook Express or Eudora, for example) to send, receive and manage your messages.

E-OmniNet E-Omninet provides online services of all kinds with a single account. It includesrepparttar 113295 file manager, address book, bookmarks, solar and lunar calendars plus event reminder, free POP3 email and web hosting.

Mail Options Provides mail and news access in a web based browser. Mail is stored on a POP server.

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